Thursday, August 27, 2015

Out and about Whitworth Art Gallery

Just a quick note to tell you that Barbara and I went to see the Magna Carta piece at the Whitworth Art Gallery today. It is an amazing piece of work, worked mainly by prisoners , some famous people and embroiderers from the EG. Its very hard to describe but the embroideries are exquisite. I would strongly recommend a visit. The Whitworth has just completed a massive redevelopment. It has increased in size, has a very attractive cafe and new areas to discover. Bad news, no parking in front so you need off road at the side AND to our displeasure we found the Oxford Rd outside the Gallery was closed for a few yards. We had to find a detour but not too bad. Check opening times etc with the Whitworth but do go if you possibly can.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

National Stitch Day

I was delighted to hear of the number of NWR branches that were getting involved with this new venture. I do hope that all days were a great success. I felt rather guilty that I was not able to inspire my Bolton members so went ahead ,alone. having done two weekends of promotion recently, I had a bag of items ready to go. Christine at ASDA had sorted a table and chairs for me in a prominent position. I had booked the space from 10.00 till 4.00. I was rather worried as its a busy supermarket and I certainly don't have time to sit and sew whilst doing the shopping.

002 I had promised to demo and offer a make and take as well.This time I took along some creative darning and some of the older customers were surprised , when remembering how they used to darn socks. The make and take was a Christmas decoration. Only one person said that it was too early!!! I was truly amazed how many customers stopped to talk with me and even more amazed that they were willing to sit and stitch. Ann called in the morning and kept me company for an hour or so but then it was “full on” I rarely had time to catch my breath. The time went quite quickly and i thought it was a very good location. I would recommend any other branches to have a go next year. Think I will be booking my spot. Thank you ASDA.