Monday, November 26, 2012

Out and About,Harrogate

Mary, Clare, Judith and I battled our way through the crowds at the Knitting and Stitching show on Saturday. Never mind a map, I think I need a compass as well to find my way about. I saw lots of old friends,too many to mention but they all send greetings to Bolton. I joined a Japanese embroidery class which was interesting. I failed at the first hurdle as I could not knot my gold thread!!!!002 There were many shops but for once I went with a shopping list and tried to stick to it. There were some interesting exhibitions and I was really taken with a d beaded piece by Alice Kettle. HQ had a much higher profile there this year. I wish that I had longer to spend there as the postcards were displayed again. I have taken a couple, one of Bulgaria for Bolton and the other of Kiribati for Padiham005

006Can you spot your piece?


My apologies for the delay in writing this but I have  had a really busy few days. Pricilla Jones came to talk to us  last Tuesday. A new first for us, we used an overhead projector and laptop to watch her presentation. Pricilla is well known and often seen in magazines like Stitch. She explained her imaginative processes for her degree and then how she had to transition into work that could be sold commercially. at the moment, cup cakes are very popular along with a cup of tea!!!!




Please pick up your copy of Contact Magazine before you go and if you can deliver to anyone who isn’t here it would be helpful.

The members competition for the 2014 Regional Day will be “Black Magic” (2013 is entitled King Cotton)

The 2013 AGM will be held from 5th – 7th April at Cheltenham.

There are 2 vacancies on the Regional Committee. Marilyn has a nomination form if you are interested.

The 2013 Regional Day will be on 27th April and the 2013

Volunteers are required to demonstrate at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate and also to man the stand at the ICHF Shows next year. (Manchester – February and Aintree, Liverpool – April) If you can help, please let Monica know.


Manchester Craft & Design Centre are launching their Exhibition of contemporary Scottish makers, and Christmas Shopping event on 24th November, with carols and Christmassy concoctions from 2pm.

The Knitting & Stitching Show will be in Harrogate from 22nd – 25th November this year.

There will be an informal “Play Day” on embossing and transfer foil, at Bank Top Church on Saturday 8th December. Anyone welcome and the cost of the room will be split. If you are interested please see Val Coleshaw. Requirements – Covering for tables, newspaper, face mask and packed lunch. Card and fabric(Include velvets, silks, natural and man made. Lots of Bondaweb. Embossing powders, especially gold and silver. Transfer foils (lots of colours). Paints. Metal (not plastic) stencils. Metal stamps like those used in batik. Heat gun and soldering iron if you have them. Angelina, beads and embellishments.


We need ideas for things to buy or pay for with the returned 40% of our loan to H.Q. – egg. An expensive speaker, a Friday evening talk followed by a workshop on the Saturday – this would need firm commitment from members and possibly payment in advance – or any other ideas you may have.

The Christmas competition this year is “An Angel” – any technique.

Next year’s competition for Molly’s Cup is “Metal Thread”.


Ann is in need of hand made Birthday cards for sending to members if you have any to spare.

If you have any items for the Sales Table please see Jackie Martin.

Raffle prizes are always welcome. Please see Judith if you have anything.

If there are any library books you think would be suitable for us, please tell Brenda. ( An ISBN would be helpful)


Don’t forget our blog address for Bolton EG is .

Also just a reminder that the Guild web address is

I was disappointed that Marion S was unable to attend the meeting. I had planned to present her with a 25 year badge and we also had a small gift for her to take up to Kirby Lonsdale, where she is relocating. She tells me though that she will continue her association and membership with Bolton.

Julie brought along her piece for Gawthorpe.006 I also have an apology to make to Carol. I submitted her photo , upside down so here it is again…..

. 019 (2)There was also a display of work from the last Day School.014015I hope to see lots of Angels at our Xmas meeting which is much earlier than usual this year.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Day School.

Yesterday, we had a sell out day school. Lizzie Wall  had given a talk earlier in the year and followed it up with a day school. We had chosen to make a Spring Tree, using a basic kit provided by Lizzie. I assumed the colour green but almost inevitably, my tree turned pink, even though Jackie kept thrusting orange fabric at me!!!

The morning was quite relaxed. Most of the time we were cutting bonded fabric and applying it in layers to the backing fabric of our choice. We did not have to concentrate TOO much so were able to catch up on gossip. Ann even managed to send a text message to us as she is still confined to a bed.

A  lovely lunch was provided again and then i was ready to start machining,002


Lizzie provided individual guidance as to choice of fabric  and gave demonstrations on the sewing machine.

007As always we finished with a quick show and tell and again, as always, I am amazed how we all take the same idea but move it into different directions. We are all intending to finish our trees and will bring them to an evening to show and inspire the rest of our members.012013014

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Out and about,Padiham

Last Wednesday, Barbara and I drove over to Gawthorpe , to Meet Tracey Gill at the Rachel Kay Shuttleworth Collection. We had transported our precious collection of pieces for the INSPIRED exhibition. I have written about this day school before and hope to write another article for Workbox but thought you would like a quick look at the pieces. We are awaiting one more piece so apologies that it is missing. I will attribute names and more details in the article.

002 (2)003017 (2)

Pauline, Brenda and Barbara

019 (2)020 (2)021 (2)

Carole, Ann and Jackie

022 (2)023 (2)024 (2)

Val Pam and Johanna

025 (2)042

Marilyn and Judith.

I am sure you will be as delighted as me and amazed at the variety of techniques, considering that they were all inspired by lace. the exhibition will take place in the summer of next year.