Thursday, April 28, 2011

Latest updates

I was very sorry to miss the NW Regional Day this year. Ann,Clare,Barbara,Florence and Margaret represented us and said what a good time they had all had. Paddy Killer lived up to her reputation with an excellent talk about her inspiration for work. Isn’t it interesting how friends can co ordinate their clothes?DSCF5196

Ann has also collated and sent off 23 bonnets that were made for the Convict women.She would like to thank all involved.DSCF5197




Sadly I will miss the next meeting. Please remind Ann to take some photos so that they can be included in this Blog, Val

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April meeting

Pauline was unable to attend last nights meeting but managed to find , at short notice, a replacement speaker. Joanne Rothwell is actually a local girl who gave a talk about “ Drawing in Stitching.”


She explained how her work began about 10 years ago and that she was driven by the drawing aspect but that her embroideries are created straight onto the fabric, using the needle and thread as the marking agent.


I think we were all very impressed by her French style furniture and collection of little animals. Quirky!!!002

Joanne exhibits and works at Heskin Hall Craft Centre, well worth a visit.


Eileen has finally completed the restoration of the masonic banner that we were given . It features a scene over the Bolton moors and we were given it to “cut up” but knew that we could not do this.Bolton museum has accepted it and it will be archived along with other masonic regalia.

006 (3) Nancys pulpit fall is also finished at last.It will be given to her family and hopefully dedicated at her local church. We are delighted with this work by a small number of our members.



Lots has been and is about to happen this month. First I have been asked to send you best wishes from both Pauline Hannon and Betty Mansfield. Barbara and I spent time with them both at the AGM in Dundee . Whilst there I tackled Terry about the answers to the questions submitted by Bolton members at the extraordinary meeting at Garstang. True to his word, I now have answers which are available here, tonight. Reports are available on the web site .Ann has also compiled a report about the Garstang meeting which is here if you wish to read it. After the recent troubles with the Guild I am certain that we are following the right path and that we will strengthen and grow.

Sad news, it seems that the Pendle Heritage Centre has had to close. Good news, there are lots of exhibitions elsewhere. Progressive Threads are at Gawthorpe until the end of October. There is a weekend event at Helmshore on June 18/9th... Embroidery 2000 exhibits at Booths supermarket in Lytham from May 9 until June 4th .Preston Threads is at Rossendale museum from 7th May until 31st July, 1 till 4.30 but not on Monday or Friday. The South Cheshire branch will celebrate 21 years with an exhibition at Audlem in September. Diana Springall is up in Appleby soon, a talk at 7.00pm followed by a day school over 3rd and 4th of May. I would love to be there but have other plans. Do try and visit some of these exhibitions and let me know if you hear of others so that I can publish on the newsletter.

Ann, Barbara, Clare, Margaret and Florence went to the NW Regional meeting at St Anne’s last Saturday and I believe they all had a good day. The venue for 2013 was announced, Kirby Lonsdale and also the competition title, King Cotton. As you know next year we need pieces based on “Two peas in a pod”. I am still waiting for inspiration.

Thinking of competitions, Molly’s Cup this year is Embroidery Persee. We would like your pieces for the Sept AGM. Branches are getting more enthusiastic about the postcards. We are investigating venues for them to be displayed. I know that some of our members have completed their BULGARIA card. Bring it along to a meeting to inspire the rest of us.

Finally, our EGM is followed by another meal at the Ridgmont at a cost of just £20.00 Sign up ASAP...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Monday was the IGM of Padiham and District branch. It was necessary to elect 3 officers and a committee. This was done. The Constitution was signed.023

Plans for the future were discussed and we hoped to have a formal show and tell but time was against us. Mona the new chair presented me with some lovely flowers and I will continue to attend for the foreseeable future024, but just as a member. I will meet with the officers and pass on relevant paperwork and the photos that I have taken and perhaps soon , they will have their own blog. I wish them all the best for the future and remind all readers that they are entitled to attend any Branch meeting , so do go to Padiham some time. They meet on the first Monday of the month{ unless a Bank Holiday} 2 till 4 at the Unitarian Church. Free parking and disabled access/facilities.

Out and About

On Friday,1st April ,Barbara and I  set off for the National AGM at Dundee. We had a lovely journey up, sunshine and continual chatter.After a quick change we walked to the formal reception at the City Hall.001We met up with old friends including three Chairs, Kathryn,Pauline and Betty.

A glass of wine and then a walk to the hotel for an excellent meal. We were seated on the same table as Anthea so there was lots of chatter. After the meal we played embroidery dominoes and then Beano beetle.

The AGM on Saturday went well. There were several reports and time allowed for questions. The overall atmosphere was of friendliness and optimism for our future. Diana Springall was presented with the Broderers prize.


Lunch was provided at the hotel and then we had the option of two more lectures. Barbara and I attended both. The first was Georgina Follett who showed us her exquisite enamelling and later Frances Leonard explained how a branch of the V and A was being set up in Scotland and how students were being taught conservation skills.

There was another formal dinner that evening where whilst sipping wine we were entertained and then piped in by a local piper.

009Some of the ladies had made a special effort with their dress. Barbara and I felt quite under dressed.

010However it was explained that these fascinators had been made at a workshop on Thursday.

Pauline Hannon welcomed us to dinner. Her first job as the new Chair.011Another lovely meal and then we were entertained by Alistair McMinn who showed us slides about his time in Manila. He then presented Anthea , as retiring Chair with a rose bowl.

On Sunday, Barbara and I went on the organised trip to a jute factory. We returned to the hotel and said our fond farewells to everyone. I decided to travel home over the Forth Bridge as I had never crossed it before. A very pleasant weekend and we are looking forward to the next in Southport.