Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Play Day, Saturday,25 July

I did not attend the play day this week. I seem to be chasing my tail with so much to do. Maureen phoned earlier in the morning to find out details and promised to send some photos. I believe that Barbara led the day again , using her printing skills but members were there just to do their own thing. I understand that it was another enjoyable day and I am indebted to Maureen for her photos. Please note that the Aug play day is cancelled.

imageJudith looks proud with what she has done.

photoThese are Maureens prints.annAnn and Barbarabrare busychCarols table is crammed full.imageBut Brenda looks relaxed.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer meal

Last night was our annual meal and EGM held at the Ridgmont in Horwich. Clare introduced the committee and encouraged members to join the committee. She is prepared to do another year so as to cover for our NW Regional Day. A reminder about Molly's Cup, the technique White work and advance notice that the Xmas Competition will be a snowman. Clare then had a lovely task of presenting a 25 year badge to Maureen.002004005010012

Summer school July 2015

I am still recovering from a very busy weekend at Alston Hall.17 of us joined with 3 tutors to investigate rust marks, cyanotype or hand stitching with unusual materials. I chose the latter, a 3 day course lead by Bella May Leonard who was also a Guild graduate. We had great fun , studying Indian textiles and then tearing up paper and stitching into it, attaching mirror card pieces to represent shisha glass, looking at lace and then stitching onto acetate  etc. etc. You will have to see the results at the AGM.Alice Fox lead the rust making and I was amazed to see the shades of colour and manipulation of the fabric. I had met Ruth Brown at K and S so was impressed with the end results created by our members. There was even cross pollination between the tutors Ruth treating some of Bellas pieces. I will now include a few photos but there are many more to be seen at a later date.085




030040We have provisionally booked the same dates for next year , and at this time are hoping to find 2 tutors to tempt you. Get your diaries out and even give me some ideas of tutor/techniques.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Out and about ,Bank Top

As  I have reported recently, I have been involved in the” Astley Bridge Tapestry”. {Apologies to embroiderers who know that they are really banners.}We met recently to hang them in the church in readiness for the Astley Bridge weekend celebrations. At that point I was asked if I would put up a small exhibition in the church. How could I refuse as we love the hall and use it for our work and play days. This small exhibition grew a bit and I was asked to stitch and then , would I be able to show how to stitch? Not an easy task, I  have been trying for over 30 years.


I persuaded three of my close embroidery friends to help.Pauline and Judith came on Saturday , well I think they were there but I was so busy that we never managed to exchange more than a few words.009On Sunday , Ann came to help.014The visitors were very impressed with our work and we hope that some might want to join us. As far as teaching, I had previously made felt necklaces so decided to improvise and make Christmas decorations. I was surprised how many visitors wanted to do this and each proudly left clutching a tree decoration.013012007Saturday  Aug 1st is the National Stitch Day. I will be in ASDA doing some stitching etc. and would be delighted if any one wants to join me. The Tapestries will also be on display.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Out and about, Padiham

It was the last meeting of the year on Monday. As usual we held our Strawberry tea. Thank you to the committee for their organisation. Kathryn and  Joan then provided quizzes to tax our skills.  One was Dingbats , another about quotations from films and the third was about food outlet logos. Some members were quite competitive but those sitting with me were happy to help each other so we didnt win!!! The competition, under the see was well supported and Meg our area “ rep who was visiting for the day, presented the Bell Trophy. 001002003005008

A reminder that we meet at a new venue in September and for longer…you can arrive in the morning . Also our first meeting will have a Jacobs Feast so hope you picked up a suggestion of what to bring. Finally, Diane instigated the Chairmans Challenge bringing along photos based on Gawthorpe Hall. Several members have shown interest so Padiham will have 2 pages reserved for them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Out and About, Astley Bridge

The final day of the” Astley Bridge tapestry” arrived today. All five banners were together for the first time so Val and I attached the tassels and she climbed the ladder to hang them on the wall. They will be at Bank Top for their weekend festivities and then the following weekend for the Astley Bridge weekend celebrations. I will put up a small exhibition  at Bank Top and have been asked to  demonstrate  as well. At this moment , I am thinking of Christmas Decorations. After this they move to ASDA and then any of the churches can borrow the full set. They will finally live in their home church, Come and see them whenever you can.009010011012013

Hilary kindly supplied bubbles and chocolate cake as a well done gift for those of us able to attend today.