Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our 30th celebrations begin.

Two or three years ago, at an AGM, Barbara and I sat next to Jean Littlejohn and Jan Beaney. In  conversation we reminisced about Jeans earlier visit to Bolton when she talked about” voluptuous velvets”. This was some years ago so I jumped in and invited them to our current celebrations. Finally a date was agreed and this weekend we had the delight of welcoming them both.

On Friday they gave a wonderful talk looking back to the past and then to the future. It was illustrated with slides and a VAST array of sample pieces and several finished works of art.DSCF4786DSCF4787DSCF4794I left the meeting with my head buzzing, they had shared so many thoughts and ideas. On Saturday , Double Trouble lived up to their name running two workshopsDSCF4798

side by side.DSCF4797 DSCF4810DSCF4816

There were stitches to learn, techniques demonstrated and practised and lots of support and guidance.. The 4pm finish came and went and I was conscious that they had a long journey home so tried to encourage them to finish. I'm sure we could still be there otherwise!!!! It was an exhausting but totally rewarding weekend, and we appreciate the fact that our Joint Presidents have a busy schedule  and the M6 can be an awful motorway. I have already had a quick look at their latest DVD and can hardly wait to sit down and watch it carefully. Finally those from Bolton who attended the workshop have an added advantage as the theme of Mollys Cup is Jewels and the national challenge is All that Glistens. I have promised Jan and jean that I would send them photos of any finished work. dont let me down.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June meeting

An old friend,Jackie Cardy visited us again last night. We hardly had enough tables to show the amount of work that she had brought with her. A relaxed yet animated speaker, Jackie explained how her work had progressed. Many of our members left with huge smiles on their faces and a desire to move their stitching forward.Contact Jackie at




News and Competitions

The Rose Bowl competition titles are “Something Old, Something New” for 2015 and “Under the Sea”, for 2016.

The members’ challenge for 2015 is “All that Glistens”.

Exhibitions and Events

· Platform Gallery, Clitheroe, have an Open Craft Exhibition, work is in various media including textiles, 3rd May -12th July.

· Blackrod Scarecrow Festival is on Sat & Sun 5th & 6th July from 10- 7pm. Look for the orange bows to indicate where you can see a scarecrow. Programmes available from Julie Burrows.

· Silverdale & Arnside art & craft trail: June 27- 29; 37 venues, maps available see website; or contact email ;

· The Storey, Lancaster. Summer Exhibition; “Tied by Stitch”. May26th – June21st. Includes “The Finest Stitches”, part of the EG textile collection and work by members of the North West Region, plus a display of regional projects and the World’s Longest Embroidery. Workshops will also be held, availability for Lichens and Encrusted Surfaces by Sandra Kendall cost £10 on Wednesday 18th June, 10.30- 4.00. Also Felted Brooch by Kathy Turner 10.30-12.30@ £5 and 1.30-3.30@ £5, (see notice board for more details). Stewards are needed- please see Val if you are able to help.

N.B. More details of the above events are on the notice board.


  • There is a play day workshop on August 23rd at BankTop Church, where you can come along and try out any new ideas or materials you have acquired over the past year. As usual bring a packed lunch.
  • Molly’s Cup for the September meeting is “Jewels”. See what you can do over the summer!


Bring your entry for the Pearl Exhibition to the summer meal at Ridgemont. Categories include: Inspired by the museum; Pearl; and an Open category for work produced within the last 2 years. Mirror plates are necessary to hang your work – see Ann or Val. Please label your work clearly and put in a canvas bag with a clearly labeled tag.

Jackie is doing  demonstrations on Sat 13 Sept and 18 Oct at the exhibition which begins on the National Day of Stitch; 2nd August at Bolton Museum, see Clare if you can offer your time.

There is a requirements list for those doing the Jan & Jean workshop on Sturday 28th June at Clevelands.

Ann is in need of handmade Get Well or open greeting cards for sending to members if you have any to spare. If you have any items for the Sales Table please see Jackie Martin. Jackie also needs clear envelopes (like the ones cards come packed in) if you have any please keep them and pass them on.

Raffle prizes are always welcome. Please see Barbara Ryall if you have anything. If there are any library books you think would be suitable for us, please tell Sheelagh Madden. (An ISBN would be helpful)

If you hear of any interesting exhibitions or events that you think may be of interest, please let Brenda Brown know and details can go on the newsletter.

Don’t forget our blog address for Bolton EG is .

Also just a reminder that the Guild web address is

The Northwest blog address is http:/

B Brown,


Monday, June 16, 2014

and another visit, Parbold

It seems ages since I visited one of the branches Parbold, in my area.So when Sue invited me to the Flower Pounding workshop, I was intrigued .I foolishly told the three travelling with me on Friday, that I needed flowers. My journey to and from the Storey was injected with cries of look over there, poppies,daisies tulips and many flowers that I cannot spell. I did not stop the car and relied on the few flowers in my garden and a bought bunch from ASDA. Far too many, many too juicy and really lots of pretty grasses would have been fine, I will buy a maidenhead fern though as it ids so pretty.

Linda demonstrated and then we began. It was like an iron foundry with the sound of hammers, but the results were instant and very pleasing.DSCF4637This is Lindas work and below is my first and only attempt.DSCF4645Carole and Jenny also attended the workshop and look very busy.DSCF4641In the afternoon , we were a little more quiet. Linda demonstrated a trapping flowers technique, which was far less stressful and again had pleasing results.Contact Linda at and top secret  but I will tell you, Carole has booked Linda for another technique next year.


Out and about again

On Friday, Ann Barbara Judith and I set off for the Storey. Lancaster. We had volunteered to steward the NW Regional exhibition. We arrived promptly and after a quick coffee, opened up. Im sure the other three were genuinely impressed with our exhibition. I know I am. In fact Clare phoned tonight and also said how much she had enjoyed it. You have a few days left if you wish to call.The railway station is minutes away. We were not very busy but chatted to the visitors whenever they arrived,We encouraged them to add to the Worlds Longest Embroidery.

DSCF4621as seen above. This poor guy was an art student and after trailing around with me possibly thought that he would escape….but he met Barbara and Judith!!!At lunchtime we were surprised to see Mary arrive.Another Bolton Member so as Brenda and Carol had stewarded earlier in the month, Bolton was well represented.

The afternoon was dire, we had all brought stitching just in case but Barbara began her “record”,,,,assisted by Judith and Ann, they made the worlds longest running stitch line, 13 metres on Friday 13th.DSCF4635No comment!!

There was much thought and activity in preparation for this exhibition. Do call by Saturday.

Out and about

Last week Barbara and I went to Didsbury. We wanted to see the latest Ten Plus exhibition. It was an odd journey as my sat nav had other ideas but it was all worthwhile. I think the exhibition has now closed but I will include a photo of Diane Shones work , which never fails to please me.DSCF4618

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Out and about,Padiham

Road works in Darwen , really made my journey to Padiham quite difficult ,but I arrived on time. Patricia Tatman , our speaker,had chosen another route , but that too was jammed. So it was interesting to watch her unpack her suitcases and set up her stall.

Patricia came to talk about Costumes of the Past and was able to illustrate these ideas with a wide range of costumes that she had borrowed. This was made possible because Patricia was a volunteer at Bolton Little Theatre.DSCF4612DSCF4613Patricia explained that an actor would need to start with appropriate under garments and shoes.DSCF4614

Many pairs of shoes were passed around and closely followed by an array of hats. I actually forgot to take photos. Patricia explained that Wardrobe tried to stay true to authenticity, avoiding or at best concealing zips when necessary. Costumes have been donated or made by Wardrobe using amazing fabrics like curtaining. I believe they can be loaned for special events.An interesting talk. Don't forget your “3” for the summer competition and Xmas is “Winter wonderland”

Monday, June 2, 2014


Following a very interesting talk a few weeks ago,Sue Tyldesley was invited back to demonstrate in much greater detail, the applications of Encaustic  Wax.  Many years ago I had seen a demo and although impressed with the skill, was not particularly converted. Three or four years ago I went too an Embroidery exhibition and saw several pieces by Sue, who used this technique and transferred it onto fabric , which she could use in which to stitch. I truly admired this work. BUT I was still not convinced. I went along with my usual enthusiasm to learn a new technique but thought it would be just a “nice day”DSCF4596.

By lunchtime i was a convert. I had purchased a wide range of waxes, paper and even an iron. DSCF4593Above you can see a few of Sues pieces and below our attempts. There is just one problem, it was a lovely day,almost too good to be inside and our work was displayed below the wonderful lighting in the church. I cant play enough with the exposures. The colours are really drained, sorry folks.DSCF4604

DSCF4607DSCF4609If you have not tried this technique then do contact Sue for a class or come along to a play day . We have purchased the equipment necessary for an experiment , but  sadly without the knowledge and skills of Sue.I went home ready to start again but thought that might be overkill. I did however mount the seven postcards that I had made,into 11 greetings cards. The next day, six of us went to the Arena or whatever name it now has. It was mainly card demos and of course sales. Ann Pauline and I spent a relaxing 1.2 hour making a card.DSCF4610We all wished that these craft fairs had a greater textile element.