Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our installation

Brenda, Barbara and I met at Ann's today, to work on the installation. I was quite impressed with the amount of work that we actually managed.  We worked for over three hours and drank coffee without a break from stitching. It was lovely to study carefully ,the individual pieces completed by our members. 002003008

About three quarters of the pieces can be seen here. The rods are only a  temporary measure.  We meet again in a few weeks and anticipate completing the work. The final task will be to find a suitable home so get thinking and hand in any suggestions…..


I am also including photos of the two completed bags. As you will remember, we voted at the last meeting to decide which bag we would donate to the NW committee. That is full pink “goodies”. We still need to decide what to do with the other bag,a raffle, a prize…who knows.  It too will be full of “goodies” so thinking caps on again.009

(The bag above will be donated to the NW committee)010

and this one is”ours”. Thanks again to Lesley for constructing the bags for us.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I think there must be a typing error. The date of the Aintree trip Listed on the newsletter  is Friday 27th April. Apologies for any confusion.

February meeting

There was a change of venue for last nights meeting. We used Bank Top as the painters were in at Horwich. Sadly due to transport difficulties  some members had to send in apologies.We were able, however to welcome back some members who had not visited for some time.

Our speaker was Renu Modha and she spoke about Indian Embroidery. She had been fortunate enough to visit and collect a wide range of pieces of embroidery . She explained how each region had its own unique style or technique. She asked if we would like these pieces passing around and of course we were delighted. We all became very excited so she kept stopping her explanation so that we could appreciate all the work.

Renu has a business at Heskin Hall but was able to bring along some of her own work.These pieces are always completed in silk and have the rich colours associated with India, A delightful evening.

photo 1


I was very frustrated as I realised that the new battery of my new camera is faulty and I could not take any photos. I have relied on those taken by Jazz [thanks Jazz}



Please collect your copy of Contact magazine from the table and I would be grateful if you can deliver to anyone who isn’t here tonight. Also there are the new Council Communique, Christine Poole’s address, details of the Member’s Challenge, the new lease of life for the Y.E., the NW Bulletin and the Stitch questionnaire with a chance to win £100 worth of book tokens on line.

WORKBOX Magazine has recommenced publishing and will be available 6 times per year at £2 per month instead of £4.25p (+ 5pence to cover the cheque and postage) if we order 10 copies. If you would like to subscribe, please tell Marilyn and I will order for the May/June issue. They are asking for payment in advance and the copies usually come at least 1 month before the published date, so I will need payment for the first copy in March. There is a copy of the March/ April copy on the table if you would care to see the new format.

Sue Sercombe has launched an on line shop at www.texartcreative.com and the site includes a gallery of Sue’s work and that of her students as well as details of her courses.


Chelford Branch has an exhibition and Textile Fair on 24th March at Chelford Village Hall from 10am to 4pm. If you want to see what they are up to, their web address is – www.chelfordstitchers.blogspot.com

Midori Matseishima is teaching Japanese embroidery at Lancashire College, Chorley from 13 -15 April; 27 -29 July and 16 – 18 November. If you are interested contact Sandra McFarlane at Sandra@motoandchief.net or Joan Webb at webb@4sydnope.fsnet.co.uk for details.

Anna White’s exhibition is still running at Bolton Library if you have not yet seen it.

Johanna is running a workshop (Patchwork and embroidery made into items) on Tuesday mornings between 9.30 and 11.30 at the Quest Centre, Barlow Way, Halliwell, BL1 3UB. It’s a roll on/roll off workshop and the cost is £7.00 per week. Machines and all materials are provided.

Textiles Transformed by the Computer Textile Design Group will be at Ness Botanical Gardens, Ness Wirral CH65 4AY from 5th -7th April between 10am & 4pm daily. Admission free.

There will be a coach going to Aintree Craft Fair on April 29th from St John’s, Horwich. For details phone Pat on 01204 694643 or see Margaret.


Don’t forget Molly’s Cup title will be “Redo, Rework, Reform”

We need ideas for things to buy or pay for with the returned 40% of our loan to H.Q. – eg. An expensive speaker, a Friday evening talk followed by a workshop on the Saturday – this would need firm commitment from members and possibly payment in advance – or any other ideas you may have.

There will be lunch provided for Jackie’s “Heirloom Hearts” workshop on 24th March at a small cost.


The North West Regional Day will be held on Saturday 28th April2012 at Fullwood Methodist Church, Preston, PR2 8EA. Tickets £25 includes lunch and refreshments. I have the booking form and need to know numbers tonight. Please pay Pam as we have to send a cheque from the Branch. I also have entry forms for the competitions. Your work will only be insured if you fill one in and return it by 7th April.

Don’t forget that you need to book for the AGM at Southport by 1st March if you wish to attend.

If you have any ideas for new books for the library, please tell Brenda. (An IBS number would be helpful)

Raffle prizes are always welcome. Please see Judith if you have anything.


Don’t forget our blog address for Bolton EG is http://begstitchers.blogspot.com/ .

Also just a reminder that the Guild web address is www.embroiderersguild.com


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ann has been busy.

The role of chairman gets bigger and bigger. Ann collected the postcards and then stitched them together. I believe that as a perfectionist she actually unpicked some and changed the order when postcards arrived rather later than expected. I think you will appreciate the time and well done to those who did actually submit their work.DSCF5488


In addition to this Ann took home one of the two pink bags that we worked on at the Jacobs Feast and added the embellishments. We have two bags, one to be filled and given to the NW committee for the National AGM and a second…we need your ideas ……how do you think we can best use it?