Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Capability Brown project

Time is passing by and it will soon be our exhibition at Gawthorpe Hall. I know that we have been very involved with the plans for the NWR Day but several members stated that they would like to be involved in this project as well. I gave out 15 instruction sheets and will bring more next month. I brought along my first piece, that I only started recently. I learned how to smock at Lesleys Thursday night class but wanted to be less traditional and use the smocking as a way to manipulate the fabric. So I managed to thread the smocking machine, {not as awful as I had thought} and smocked a really long piece. I then brought it home and dyed it with silk paints. Then I used the smocking stitches in a more random way. I removed the original smocking stitches, held my breath and looked. I was quite satisfied so went ahead and stitched a flight of steps , trees and some grass onto the surface. I then mounted it onto a piece of fabric and then onto an A4 canvas. members last night were very complimentary.
I decided to use the same photograph for my second pieces, one for Bolton and one for Pendle!!! I had thought about this weeks ago and collected a wide range of wool and silk tops, hand dyed scrim, handmade felts and of course , threads. This time I laid the scrim onto the felt and needle felted then together. I then added silk tops in blue for the sky and grey for the steps. The trees were layers of knitting wool and the grass in the middle was wool tops and stitch. Finally I mounted it onto hand made felt and added grass stitches to the front.

March meeting

Sometimes I listen to a speaker and agree so much with the way she thinks and it certainly encourages me. Last night was just such an occasion. Ingrid Karlsson Kemp arrived in very good time after what transpired to be a horrendous journey from Buxton and began to arrange her work. She needed many tables as much of her work is framed and needed support from a wall. Her title was Stitching in mixed media art and every word her counts.....yes there was stitching, she uses mixed media and it was wonderful art.

The first few pictures are examples of her work, with apologies for the light reflection. her talk was extremely personal, she was born and lived on a farm in Sweden and her first idea was to create her version of traditional Bonaders. She said that  there is no literal translation, but they were sort of tapestry/ mixed media hangings, that told stories. I will not spoil you chances of hearing her talk but she moved on through the years, illustrating her development with many slides. I loved the way she captured the Swedish landscape .However her final slide , a piece that will soon be found in Derby Cathedral, based on the stations of the cross was very powerful.

Embroiderers’ Guild – Bolton Branch
March 2016

News and Competitions  
The Rose Bowl competition title is “Under the Sea”, for our Regional Day in April this year, hope you’re working on it! There is no restriction on size as long as it was produced within the last 2 years. This will be voted for by members on the day.
Also the Coates Anchor award for Excellence in Embroidery, the design for which is your personal choice but must primarily involve hand or machine embroidery or a combination of both. You should involve Coates Anchor threads in your piece of work.
PLEASE get an insurance form from Brenda for any work you are entering.

 Exhibitions and Events
  • NEC Fashion & Embroidery- Hobbycrafts- Sewing for Pleasure and Cake international from 17-20 March. See notice board.
  • Details about Summer School at Widdow Hall, Clitheroe on 3-5 June, on the notice board. Booking
  • Now & Then : 60th Anniversary of the Manchester Branch. 14th Feb- 22nd May. Exhibitions and workshops see Salford’s What’s On booklet, Workshops must be booked through Ordsall Hall.

 Advance Notice

Please bring your work for our Regional Day exhibition to Banktop Church on April 9th, where it can then be collated. This was originally the date of our next Play Day which we have now cancelled. This may be reorganized at a later date.
There is a list of the workshops from which you may have some work on the notice board.
Also Debbie our IT rep has sent an email to us detailing this list.
PLEASE SEND YOUR WORK ON April 9th to Bank Top Church. We need to put on a good show!!!

Other notices
  • You can purchase an A4 canvas from Amazon –Quick Draw Supplies, cost -£3each including p&p. Ideal for the Capability Brown Project .
·         Sorry!! The workshop with Karen Casper last Saturday was cancelled due to an accident and it will now be rearranged at a future date.

Raffle prizes are always welcome.  Please see Barbara Ryall if you have anything. If there are any library books you think would be suitable for us, please tell Sheelagh Madden. (An ISBN would be helpful)
If you hear of any interesting exhibitions or events that you think may be of interest, please let Brenda Brown know and details can go on the newsletter;  Don’t forget our blog address for Bolton EG is . Also just a reminder that the Guild web address is The Northwest blog address is http:/

Wiggly bags

I went to lunch with Pauline last week . She asked me to bring along my camera. I now see why!!! She has amassed about 130 wiggly bags that will be sent to a hospital. Pauline saw an article in Contact magazine, thought it to be very worthy, and encouraged  all Bolton members to contribute, We had one evening to stitch and then some members went on to

make many, many more. Pauline encouraged us to think of adults as well as children and to make the bags bright and cheerful. Hope you agree on all counts. My problem was , that there are just too many to photograph well on her dining room table.

Out and about Pendle

The last meeting at Pendle introduced another Halifax member, Sandra Wallace who spoke about Textural embroidery. She had an amazing range of work to see and much of it was passed around for closer inspection. The photos taken rather quickly, do not do justice to her work.