Friday, May 31, 2013

Play day, May 13

As i mentioned in the earlier Blog, I returned from Jordan but my journey was horrendous. I left at 8.00am and arrived home , 11.50 but my body said 2.00 in the morning. After making peace with my cat, I left the case unopened on the floor and went to bed.I was up early {due to time zones} but couldn't get my head around the Play Day. I alerted Barbara and said I would be late.I had packed everything before my trip so arrived about an hour late.They were all busy. I stayed for lunch and caught up on gossip but could only think of my unopened suitcase and the fact that we had a wonderful drying day. I left early.001002003004005006

Just to prove that I am always thinking about the Guild, a couple of Jordanian snaps., below.226


May meeting 13

I was very annoyed and disappointed when i realised that my holiday clashed with the branch talk.Which should i cancel? Well for me Jordan won and the day of the talk, corresponded with a trip to the Dead Sea.436Apologies to all for the above and I hope you cant recognise me!!!! I have much better photos of Petra etc for anyone to see.

Back to the evening and Vivienne brown made a repeat visit. I know she is an amazing speaker with wonderful work and the little that I have exchanged so far ,confirm all this. Thank you Julie for the photos, below.felt jewellery 004felt jewellery 005felt jewellery 006felt jewellery 008These books look fantastic……I wish……

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Out and about,Padiham

It was the branch meeting at Padiham yesterday, so I was able to return items loaned for Empress Mills. Also i could acknowledge the help given by members. Two guests came along as a result of the exhibition and I believe several others will attend.

A branch member gave an amusing and honest account of how she created landscape pictures from thread. Well when I say thread, it includes all wools and other stringy things that are available. Barbara brought along huge bags of” thread” colour coded for ease of use.001002She was very proud of her cauliflower004but had other more traditional scenes as well.005006

Well done Barbara.My apologies for the quality of the photos.Finally the afternoon finished with a practical. Barbara had wound two threads onto a card and we were requested to use them both in the same needle and experiment with a stitch. I look forward to seeing the results and I suspect that her ideas will have helped some of us to plan our piece for the” end of term”competition called SUMMER. Im not sure if a snow scene will count!!!

Empress Mills Exhibition

It was an exhausting but very rewarding weekend in Colne. Over a coffee and conversation with Charles, months ago, he mentioned that he was considering holding an exhibition. I immediately said that I was interested and that I would ask Bolton Branch as well.

Many conversations and exchange of e mails later and the day arrived. Bolton came up trumps with the requested 30 items and by now I had also mentioned it at Region so had collected 30 more pieces.

There had been a devastating event at Colne earlier in the week so when I arrived , it was still a hive of activity. I put up the remaining items and arranged out tables. I had been able to book the Worlds Longest Embroidery and a kit to make felt hearts from HQ. Both were invaluable and caused a lot of interest. I persuaded both Charles and his granddad to add their stitches.030 


I was delighted with our own wall of embroideries, quite an impressive show. We received many compliments.004



I was assisted on both days by many members from Padiham Bolton and regional committee. We had demonstrations of felt making, embellishing and needle lace  , Whilst making hearts and stitching the WLE we chatted to guests , suggested suitable stitches, threaded many needles and gave advice.011Christine, above right constantly wandered around and made sure everyone was happy I chatted to many Guild members and counted that there were visitors from 17 of our 29 branches in our region.As usual I managed to spend money on more things that I don't really need but might!!!! Be prepared….So when the Drivers have recovered they might well be persuaded to have another exhibition. I hope so.