Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Programme 2014/5

September 16. AGM, Enrolment Molly’s Cup, Show and Tell

October 26

Emily Notman -mixed media artist

November 18

Stella Adams- Scholfield -“White work from my Grandmother’s Trunk”.

December 2

Member’s Evening

January 20

Sharon Blakey -“Mary Mary Quite Contrary”.

February 17

Jackie Martin leads a practical evening.

March 17

Joanne Eddon - Kimono’s and travel stories.


Marie Lewis –“ Boutis”

May 19

Claire Spooner - Vintage Hats

June 16

Aruna Mene - Fabric Art Collage

July 14 EGM and Summer meal

at Ridgemont.

Saturday Workshops

November 8Maggie Smith, “All Dolled Up”.

March 14 – Linda Rudkin, Sculpting with Silk Paper

May 9 – Marie Lewis,


Play Days

October 11

February 28

April 25

June 27

July 11

August 22

Jacob’s Feast

January 24

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stewards list for Pearl Anniversary exhibition

{Cover required from 11 till 3.00}


Aug 2 Lesley Phil Barbara R and Val

Aug 9 Brenda Cooper

Aug 16 Clare and Jenny W

Aug 23 Lesley and Vivienne

Aug 30 Mary Bromley, Sheelagh Madden

Sept 6 Ann and Barbara R

Sept 13 Glennys 10 to 12.30,Brenda B 11 till 3

Sept 20 Julie B and BarbaraR

Sept 27 Brenda C and Marilyn morning only

Oct 4 Sheelagh M

Oct 11

Oct18 Brenda C am only

Oct 25

Sept 13 DEMO for children, Clare and Val 12 till 3.00

Nov 4th Val and Ann to collect and save work.


Play Day Aug 23rd

It took me hours to gather together my fabrics and threads for the last Play Day. We had discussed a theme at the former meeting, deciding on using hand and machine embellishers.

I took along my machine and set it up. We had a coffee and waited for more member.Sadly there were few of us attending but I guess it was due to it landing on a Bank Holiday weekend.

Brenda had never used an embellishing machine so i was delighted to show her its capabilities.Brenda was hooked{if you pardon the pun}My machine has 5 needles and I managed to break two in about 5 minutes. More care needed!!!! Barbara had a new machine with twelve needles.We compared the results.

DSCF4965Pam brought along her machine but had the wrong lead for it.We tried mine but with no luck so she too played with my machine.We rooted through all the bags of stuff that I had brought along and I found some “pebbles”a textured wool that everyone loved. Would make wonderful sheep in a field or flowers in a garden.

Having broken 2 needles I was happy to loan out my machine for the duration of the day. In fact Brenda was so thrilled that I have loaned it to her until our AGM. I spent the time doing some Black work that i will tell you about another day. Judith was also busy hand stitching owls for a tree.

So few of us there meant that we could sit around a table and have a good chat over lunch. It also meant very little tidying up at the end of the day. I hope to be at the October play day and if so, will put together a list and bring along my samples, based on dissolvable fabrics. Its one of my favourite techniques. These days are free to Bolton members, the room hire covered by our Branch so do think about coming along. We are there to learn from each other and share our skills. The theme is not compulsory, just an idea to focus on when bringing stuff from home.  See you all in September and hopefully clutching your Jewels piece for Molly's Cup.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Out and About, Urmston

Sandra and Cathy celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the YE with an exhibition held at Urmston Library. They opened last Saturday , so I was unable to attend. They were very busy,holding demos in an adjoining room. another day Cathy lead a Shibori workshop. I went to offer my support on Friday.  As the library was very close to the train station I decided to use my “bus pass”. Not a good idea as it took three train journeys in over crowded coaches. I had to stand from Bolton to Deansgate , not good and one and a half hours too.

A short walk and I met Sandra, busily stitching Boutis. She made me a drink and we began to welcome visitors.There was a good range of exhibits, considering that there are only 3 branches in our area.I was able to call on Sarah , Johns granddaughter to provide some wonderful pieces.DSCF4951DSCF4952DSCF4953I am still amazed that Sarah made the wooden part to the clogs as well as the rest of them. Above you can see her 6 exhibits.

We were not inundated with visitors but enough to prevent us actually stitching. A quick sandwich and then Cathy joined us for the afternoon. Two little boys were utterly charming and loved the clogs. Their father had read the story of the Oufle Oufle Bird to them and they were transfixed.DSCF4955As they left the older son came and gave me a big hug. The younger one saw this and so ran to do the same. Totally unexpected and almost made the journey worth while!!!!

I realised that I had a long journey home so just before 6.00pm we packed up. I managed to squeeze all Sarahs work into my suitcase and rolled it off to the station. The return was worse. I stood from Deansgate to Bromley Cross, three trains and 2 hours.I would have asked for my money back if that was possible.However, the day was very good, the work excellent and many of the visitors making complimentary comments.

Well done YE.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Saturday was a cold and wet morning and I wondered how many people would attend our official opening. Le Mans Crescent was absolutely heaving with police cars and vans. Had they come to protect our amazingly valuable works of art?

Matthew welcomed Ann and I and we organised refreshments for our guests. At 10.30 the formalities began. We had asked Dorothy our oldest member to open the event. She gave a remarkable concise yet informative account of the history of embroidery. I have asked her for a copy.DSCF4929DSCF4930 Matthew then guided Dorothy and all our guests into the exhibition and Dorothy was able to see her work in all its glory.DSCF4931

Matthew had several times over the course of weeks, expressed his admiration for our banner, and that was placed next to the explanation of our work.DSCF4933DSCF4934

The room was soon heaving so we suggested that some guests might like to enjoy the refreshments and return a little later. Ann's home made biscuits were very popular.


About half of our members managed to call in during the morning. Florence and Margaret, certainly enjoyed the occasion.I had chosen the 2nd as the opening day to recognise that it was the National Stitch Day. I had asked members to bring along some stitching.Lesley and Phil sat stitching in one cornerDSCF4937

I took quite a few photos and am awaiting those from our “official photographer” John , but have not added any of our exhibits as you really must go along and see it for yourself. I still have “vacancies” for demonstrator/stewards on Saturdays, 11 till 3.00. Please phone if you have any spare time. Phil and I stayed until after 3.00 on Saturday and we both complained that we were too busy talking to interested visitors to be able to stitch.The exhibition is open every day until Oct 26th.