Saturday, September 29, 2012

Out and about,Knutsford

Barbara and I ventured into Cranford country on Thursday.We headed for the Heritage Centre to visit the Altrincham Branch Exhibition. We were warmly greeted By Diane and I was delighted to see her delicate landscapes.


We were happy to see the “old faithfuls”, the rainbow squares. Diane explained that only half of them were up this time so members of Altrincham must have worked really hard!!! They were arranged around another members piece and together made an impressive show.


Another  co incidence was that the Knutsford Tapestry had also been rehung. 2000 people had been involved in the making and must be very proud of their work.It would take many hours to look at every individual building.

Back to Altrincham, their work was quite traditional , which certainly suited me.003This piece by Sandra had been highly commended at Harrogate last year and this was her piece based on a Journey and completed at Summer School earlier this year.004

Thank you Altrincham for mounting this exhibition and giving me an excuse to visit such a pretty location. There are a few days left ,  if you have a free afternoon.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Out and about,Garstang

Judith and I went up to Barton Grange at Garstang on Saturday. We went to see the Preston Guild exhibition, based appropriately on flowers. There was a wide range of work, showing a multitude of techniques. Several members were both demonstrating and stewarding.


We also had a” sneak preview” of our  November workshop as lizzie wall had displayed some of her trees. She also visits us in October.001

Co. incidentally Jackie Cardy will be with us in March and here is one of  her pieces..013 We look  forward to their visits and a closer examination of their work.

Finally We were really impressed with the piece created by many members of the group.016

A huge picture had been cut up and members were allocated a square each. They used their favourite technique and then the returned pieces were rejoined,but in a differing pattern. Can we do this, Bolton? Do call in and have a look if you have a spare couple of hours.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bolton AGM

Last night we held the 28th  AGM for our Branch.It was as always, a very busy and unusual night. It began with a required fire drill, good job it had just stopped raining!!!!

Next Ann's granddaughter, Phoebe came along and explained very clearly what it is like to live with diabetes. This year she is an ambassador for Juvenile Diabetes Awareness . Phoebe then drew the winning raffle ticket for our own bag raffle and the proceeds were given to this charity.003


The winner was one of our newer members,Brenda F. pictured  above. 031

The AGM commenced , reports were given, the committee was re elected and Ann handed over her badge of office to Clare. It was then Clare's first task to present Ann with an orchid plant to thank her for all her work as Chair over the last three years. We wish Clare all the best and know that our Guild is in safe hands.

The evening continued, Ann demonstrating how to make a sari waste brooch and then we all had a go. In addition to this , those who had attended the Lace workshop were asked to say a few words to explain their inspiration and method used for their work.022


Finally the evening ended with the voting for Molly's cup 024025026. I was delighted to see that my good pal Pauline had won. Clare was able to present her with our Rose bowl.034

The newsletter was distributed but a few more messages were announced. Our Xmas competition is “An angel” and next years Molly's cup is the technique, “Gold work”. “2014 is our pearl anniversary so Clare invited ideas to make it a year to remember.

Several of us then showed and told what we had been doing during the summer. Jackie brought along the quilt that had won so many prizes recently. See photo on previous pages. However she is now the owner of a brand new Husqvarna sewing machine,redundant to her use. She would like to sell it for £250.00  ono. A bargain.

Finally an apology from me, my camera seems to be behaving badly!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Out and About, Quilters

Judith and I went along to the Quilters exhibition today. It was really worthwhile. Firstly there was a really friendly greeting and then we saw the amazing quilt ,created by Jackie, that had won numerous awards at the national exhibition. Below see Margaret and Judith, admiring it.001

Judith was then drawn to this next quilt, made by Hilary, which I believe won the visitors vote. Congratulations.003I really liked the Christmas themed room where we chatted to Audrey, who was catching her breath after demonstrating.005


The blue quilt was made by Ann for Phoebe ,her granddaughter and the blue “man” a star wars character??? for her grandson. The dragon was made by Pauline .

010We had a couple of hours there, refreshments, lots of chatter and still time to buy lovely fabrics. A morning well spent.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Out and about,Padiham

I attended the AGM at Padiham today. Mona the Chair and Kathryn the treasurer had resigned so we welcome Nan as Chair and Wendy as treasurer. We thanked and presented the retiring officers with flowers and wish the incumbents well.2216

empress Mill had set up an amazing range of products for us. Christine explained how various threads were made and could be used.2217The photo is a bit blurred as she never stands still!!!!

2218Charles demonstrated the crash technique and William accepted money for sales.22102211221222132214I went to a craft fair at GMex last Saturday with Ann Barbara and Judith, spent a fortune but still found things I wanted from the stall today. There is a much bigger range at their shop in Colne and on line and they will be visiting Bolton later this year.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

City and guild news

City & Guild Courses run by the N W Region

Our new tutor is Elizabeth Couzins Scott, who is a respected tutor and member of the 62 Group. The courses will be run in Poulton le Fylde.

There will be an Registration Meeting on Sunday 30th September, for both Levels 1 and 2, which are being offered, when people will have a chance to meet the tutor, confirm which level they are to take, and have questions answered.

The course fee, which is expected to be £210, will be payable on that day. If the prospective student is not already a member of the Embroiderer’s Guild, then membership would also need to be arranged.

Creative Techniques – on the textile pathway

Level 1 Course number 7111/02

  • Level 1 dates:
  • 7th Oct;  4th Nov;  6th Jan;  Feb 3rd;  3rd March; 7th April  Plus a half day 7th June - Verification/exhibition
  • Level 2 dates:
  • 21st Oct;  18th Nov;  20th Jan; 17th Feb; 17th Mar; 21st April; Plus a half day 7th June - Verification/exhibition.
  • There is the possibility that another series will be offered for Level 2. This has more teaching hours required, but has advantages over the current one. Information on that is still coming in.
  • If we decide to go ahead with the other series 7716, then we will need 3 more sessions, plus a further year starting in September 2013. Fees would then be adjusted accordingly.
  • Suggested extra dates for 45 hour course are: 19th May; 16th June; 21st July

Please contact Monica Selway for details:, or phone 01744 88 2535