Thursday, April 28, 2016

North West Regional Day 23/04/16

The sun was shining brightly and the predicted snow was nowhere around as I set off for Haigh Hall. Many of the Bolton members had already arrived and the competitions/exhibitions/raffle etc  were well in place. My role that day was more of an ambassador for our Guild. I chatted to many members but as always was frustrated that I couldn't speak to more members and/or for longer. I felt the genuine warmth and companionship amongst our North West region. During the roll call , it became apparent that the almost 200 members present represented all branches except I of M and Dublin{perfectly reasonable}
We began with the formal business meeting, Clare introducing the day, platform party and housekeeping. I then gave a NWR report and then Liz Smith one of the new trustees read the very positive and forward looking trustee report.
 These reports are available on the NWR blog.We then had lots of time to vote for the Rose bowl ,watch demos, buy raffle tickets, look at exhibitions and spend money in the varied stalls. Lunch was over two sittings and then we returned for the lecture.

 Coats anchor pieces

A few of the many Rose Bowl entries

Some of the huge Bolton members display
An idea of the raffle.
Our very good friend, Ruby.
 So we re took out seats , eagerly anticipating the lecture by Julia Triston. I was very happy as she had taken inspiration from many of the places that I have visited. I wish that I could translate my images into amazing embroideries. It was as expected a fascinating talk and she let it slip that she was no 4 on the famous London platforms.
Barbara was charged with giving the vote of thanks.
We then came to the award of prizes. The RoseBowl," Under the sea" is voted for by the members. members from Rochdale, Barbara Baukham and P, Blincoe came 2nd and third and Sandra Kendall from North Lonsdale won {again!!!} with another of her very popular huge pieces.  I asked Sue as our new vice chair to oversee the presentations,assisted by Liz and Julia.
Only Wirral EG was able to send work for the Kathleen Mansfield and Coats Anchor competitions. One of their members received the awards on behalf of the youngsters.
Gabrielle Beech was the overall winner. The final  Coats Anchor awards had been chosen by both Julia and Liz. Julia said a few words explaining their reasons and Liz presented the wonderful gifts......all three to Bolton members.
Brenda came third,
Barbara was second
and Marion came first. sadly she could not attend on the day and so I presented her gift and photographed her, the following morning.
The afternoon was complete. I must mention that a member who had taken ill was soon discharged from hospital and improving at home. We wished our members a safe journey home and look forward to meeting up again in Lancaster , next year 22 April. Put the date in your diaries now!!!
I am hoping to do two more things with this report, add the comments from Julia and Liz and then create an additional photo album with all my pictures and then hopefully , the official photos once I receive them. Watch this space....

The chosen winner’s work showed the following:

  • a very sensitive use of materials, colour and techniques 
  • a lovely composition
  • an understanding of 3D form
  • a balance on all sides of all 3 pieces

I hope Marion is pleased to receive the first prize.

The second prize notes were as follows:
  • this piece demonstrated a strong composition
  • there was a pleasing and controlled use of colour; a simple, contrasting palette was used
  • the work showed a suitability of techniques for the chosen design
  • the presentation was simple and effective

And for the third prize:
  • this piece of work showed a willingness to try new ideas
  • it demonstrated that a variety of techniques and media had been explored
  • it worked nicely tonally despite a lot going on with the subject


Thursday, April 21, 2016

April branch meeting

As you can imagine, Bolton has quite a lot to do at the moment. Clare gave out lists , showing who was to do what on Saturday. I displayed a wonderful box of threads sent on behalf of Madeira threads. This will be used as and additional raffle prize. My car is full of boxes already sent to me by Coats Anchor who donate 1/2/3 for adults and YE. I also confirmed with members as to their possible contribution to the CBP. I will be attending the guided walk around Gawthorpe Hall on Thurs 5th May. All members are welcome. I will have a couple of spare car seats if required. There was one item for show and tell. Pauline had earlier given Jackie some fabric and challenged her to use it. Hardly a challenge for Jackie as she can do anything!!!!
The quilt that Jackie made was based on a  Japanese on a piece in the top left. Amazing!!!!
There was a change to the programmes, no longer a practical, Barbara volunteered to share her knowledge of Batik. She had researched this as a student and found that at that time there was very little known about this skill. She brought along samples that she had collected and a variet of very heavy blocks used in the printing process.

Pauline read out a letter that she has received,
"Many thanks to you and members of Bolton EG for the amazing wiggly bags that you sent to us at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I have distributed them to the wards in our unit. The Children will be absolutely delighted -there are so many choices for them. Please pass om our thanks to the group. Kind regards Emma. Sister, Safari Ward"

News and Competitions  
The Rose Bowl competition title is “Under the Sea”, for our Regional Day on Saturday, which is voted for by the members and the Coates Anchor award for Excellence in Embroidery will be judged on the Day.
N.B. You may fill in an entry form today or you may enter your work on the day but it won’t be possible it insure it then.

Play Days
·         the play day scheduled for the 14th May will now be the Karen Casper workshop.
·         July 9th play day will be run on 23rd July.

 Exhibitions and Events
  • Details about Summer School at Widdow Hall, Clitheroe on 3-5 June, on the notice board. Booking
  • Now & Then : 60th Anniversary of the Manchester Branch. 14th Feb- 22nd May. Exhibitions and workshops see Salford’s What’s On booklet, Workshops must be booked through Ordsall Hall.
  • “Structure”; a contemporary textile exhibition in the Market Place Bolton at the Neo gallery27 by 11 different textile artists (including Bella May Leonard who you may remember from her work at Gawthorpe), from various parts of the country.
 7 April - 29 May 2016.
·         Festival of Quilts 2016 at the NEC. See the notice board for details.
·         A Walk around Gawthorpe – get inspiration for your piece on Capability Brown on Thursday May 5th. Meet at 10.30 for tea and biscuits –walk from 11.00-12.00 with a guide. Hall and cafĂ© will be open. See poster for details.

Workshop- Put your name down for the next workshop “Shibori Scarf” with Nawal Gabreel on the June 25th, at Banktop Church, Ashworth Lane, Bolton, BL18RX.

 Big Thank You
To all of you who brought work to Bank top Church for our exhibition! We have lots of talented people and it will be nice to how off some of our work!

Raffle prizes are always welcome.  Please see Barbara Ryall if you have anything. If there are any library books you think would be suitable for us, please tell Sheelagh Madden. (An ISBN would be helpful)
If you hear of any interesting exhibitions or events that you think may be of interest, please let Brenda Brown know and details can go on the newsletter;  Don’t forget our blog address for Bolton EG is . Also just a reminder that the Guild web address is The Northwest blog address is http:/

Saturday, April 9, 2016

NWRD preparations and then "Structure"

I was awoken just after 5.00am this morning by the sound of my burglar alarm sounding. Always a nasty thing, it took me ages to doze off. I think it was a cat trying to get through the locked cat flap. So I was a little later at Bank Top than I had anticipated. A small number of Bolton members were very busy making the latest preparations for our NWR day in 2 weeks. Some members were pricing fabric, others listing the work for our personal exhibition and more were filling a spreadsheet with volunteers to assist on the day. The Guild banners were there and thoughts as to how to rope them up. Raffle prizes had been allocated and I understand each prize is worth about £30.00.I took along the sashes and the last of the stands that I had found in my very disorganised garage. I checked through the protocol sheets with Clare and left them to it. I believe we can squeeze in a few more members so if you don't yet have your ticket, be very quick!!!

I then went on into town. Bella May Leonard was my tutor last year at summer school. She has just returned from Mexico but in time to set up a stunning exhibition in the Neo Gallery , upstairs in the Market Place. The exhibition by 11 textile artists and embroiderers really pushes the boundaries but I was very relieved to see a large amount of fabric and thread as well as the mixed media to which we are all becoming more familiar. The exhibition "Structure" is on until the end of May and I would recommend that you visit. I will attach a few photos to whet your appetite.

Out and about, Pendle

Good Friday was a very spring like day so I decided to drive over to the Higham Village festival. Our branch, Pendle had been invited to put up an exhibition. New to the area, we felt it would be an important venture and I have since learned that we have gained members through it. I cant emphasise enough how getting out into the environs gives publicity and a chance to show what we do. I had forgotten my camera so took just a few shorts on my phone.

You can spot Sue, Joan and Patricia amongst a very wide ranging and well stitched exhibition.
Our April speaker was unfortunately not available so I was asked to step in at the last moment. Days before, I had met with seven other members to swap ideas about The Collection talk. So I really had to get my act together. A few hours getting to know the content and personalizing the information, I arrived. Unfortunately we had a technical hitch with the technology and about 30 members squashed around my laptop. It certainly did not do justice to the photos but members were very kind to me and said that they enjoyed the information that I was able to give them. I have been asked back to do the talk again.