Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Out and about, Harrogate

A group of us  filled a mini bus and set off for the Knitting and Stitching at Harrogate on Saturday.Much better than driving!!! Firstly I took Ann to meet Jan and Jean as she will be hosting them in June.{tickets going very fast.After our meeting next week available to the north west} Coffee and then we split up to follow our particular interests. There were many stalls and exhibitions but I spent much of my time chatting to friends I have made through the Guild. Many send greetings to Bolton. I met with Ann and Barbara for a very brief lunch and then I had booked a class with Katie Caplin.  A Japanese technique that she called “usheeah”.It is a padded fabric to make into a picture. I was surprised that we used double sided tape and there was no stitching involved but it is certainly quite quick.003We used traditional kimono fabric and the end result was pleasing.006I will let you know when I finish mine. I am still busy with my “holly and the ivy” for Tuesday.Doubt whether I will also have my fairy slipper ready either. Being in 2 branches does mean twice the work!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November meeting

I had no idea what to expect from this meeting. It was presented by Nawal Gebreel and called Talking Textiles. However it was a delight. Nawal displayed some of her work but it came to life later!!!022023She gave a PowerPoint presentation, explaining how she had progressed from designing for fashion houses to setting up her own business. How she began with painting and mixed media , moving on to discharge on velvet and how she has succeeded with these scarves. well to call them scarves is really an insult as they are individual works of art. She sells them throughout the world. Nawal asked for a volunteer and so Brenda had the honour of trying on many of these creations.012011019Apart from the beautiful fabric and amazing “creases”, the scarves could be tied in such imaginative ways. Do contact Nawal for further information

Breaking news….. the Christmas tree bid is now £175.00

Tickets for Jan and Jeans talk and workshop selling quickly. Bolton members have the next meeting to purchase before being opened up to the NW branches.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Christmas tree

Months ago, Barbara approached our Guild with an idea. Each year at this time the Lowry outlet holds a display of decorated Christmas trees which are subsequently auctioned off. all proceeds are donated to the St Francis Children's Hospice in Manchester. She thought that we could get involved,making decorations.

The Branch agreed and we decided to limit the colour to silver and white, the shapes to a bird, star and circle . Kits  with appropriate felt beads and ribbons were assembled and we began. The idea was to bring back finished decorations each month but there was some panic when in September Barbara announced that all work must be ready for the following month.

Jackie and Ann had supported  Barbara with the collation of kits so the three of them, ably assisted by Phoebe, Ann's  granddaughter, went along to the Lowry to decorate the tree. There were 120 decorations  on our tree,and members had been really generous donating gifts which were wrapped to compliment the tree and placed underneath. I  believe these totalled more than £300.00044045


The proud tree decorators, Ann with Phoebe, Barbara and Jackie. I went along a few days later and thought it was amazing.001002better still there had been two bids already on our tree. £75.00 currently but I would hope for several more bids  before long as the charity is well worth supporting.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November day school.

Lucinda Allwood lead our workshop yesterday, “Beaded FFaerie Slippers.”

I was delighted that we only needed to take a hoop and beading needle as I am up to my eyes in competition pieces for Christmas. Lucy had kindly assembled kits for us to use. I just wish I had planned ahead and taken my beading mat as I kept scattering my beads across the table.019013Above is the sample that we could aim for. Underneath, a quick photo of Lucy as she never stood or sat still!!!

Lunch was again a delight, thank you Brenda and Judith and we had an added celebration as Its Barbara s birthday today. Ann placed candles on the cake and we sang to her. Doesn't she look bashful in the corner?015We were also delighted to see the new kitchen installed at Bank Top. Well done to all the fundraisers and workers.

Finally we were given instructions as to how to assemble our slipper [I say slipper as my fairy is likely to be one legged!!!}and then had our show and tell. i look forward to seeing many pairs of slippers very soon.025026

Out and about, Padiham.

Our November meeting, welcomed Rubina Porter who was to tell us about the orphanage project. I had suggested to a couple of our members that they might like to attend as they missed her visit to Bolton a couple of weeks before. Ruby spoke again about her love and dedication to this amazing enterprise.008009010011 She presented a very good slide show and is able to name every person that she photographs. She brought amazing Kantha work quilts worked by the orphans and finally we were able to support her cause by buying scarves, bags, cards and assorted items .My Christmas presents are sorted!!!