Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jacobs’ Feast. Saturday 30/01/10

Members were actually queuing  outside the door, before it opened yesterday.  I’m not sure if it was in anticipation of the food, the activity or both.  Our activity was marbling on fabric using shaving foam as a support medium.

Eileen displays the sort of piece that we could attempt.005 Then how to mix colours on the shaving foam.007

008 009

Maureen looks absorbed by the task

Margaret and Florence concentrate on their work011

Phil, Pauline and Julie  have no time to talk.012

Ann and I dry our samples.

We then had a break for lunch.  As usual there  was an amazing range of foods and it was good to be able to take a break and chat to people.  Almost half of our members were able to attend that day so the volume of chatter was quite high!!!  After lunch we worked on some of our samples. Most of us chose to make something simple like a book mark or a bracelet and are saving our better pieces for reflection and inspiration, later. So thread, beads and sparkles  were applied to our book marks as seen with  Judith,.016 

And then as always  at the end of a practical we gathered together to have a brief show and tell.019

So another Jacobs feast came to an end. We left clutching our samples and thinking of how we were going to use them. I wish we could incorporate them into the Building and Architecture Competition  at Manchester.

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