Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Meeting

I woke again to see a blanket of snow , very pretty but I am getting fed up with it.   I had to cancel my class at the gym as the snow kept falling.   I wondered how many members would actually make it to our meeting that evening?  However we had a pretty good turn out.   Lesley was leading our meeting.   We had been asked to bring along our market pieces, whether finished or not .[ Creating the panel is our final act of celebration for our 25th Anniversary].    This gave Lesley a chance to place them on the backing fabric.  We were then asked to cut and hem them  and if time allowed, begin to make price labels. 001  003 002004  006 007 008







Barbara the took a few minutes to explain her thoughts behind the design of the pulpit fall, which we plan to make in memory of Nancy a former member.


Bookings were taken for the Regional Day in Manchester and some members even took applications for the competitions.  Only 2 places remain for the next Day School.

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