Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer school 2010

Last weekend Jennifer Bamford, Eileen Holmes and I, attended the NW Region, Summer School at Alston Hall. By co-incidence we had all chosen Kath Danswans Silk Bowl class. We began with a huge silk cap which Kath promised would be transformed into a stunning creation, similar to her own.001 012 Kath demonstrating.




002  Managing the huge cap was quite a challenge to us all. We then added water soluble and stretched   it into a frame and began machine stitching. This was my start 002 (2)and almost competed vase. I  still need to add beaded raindrops

015 Jenny Burns found a new use for her vase and then you will see some of our nearly finished items.



Ruth Peel demonstrated how to make and bead, stunning tassels.008

030 007

And finally Annette Morgan ran a three day course”Dying to Stitch”.This time fabrics were dyed using microwaves and then embellished with stitches.




So just a taster to show what happens at our summer school. I have added the new details to the Web site BUT you cannot apply until Jan 2011. I have lots more photos if anyone would like them.

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