Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Meeting.

One of our founder  members, Jackie Martin was invited to talk to us last Tuesday. Her title was The Reluctant Quilter” which really confused me as I know that Jackie is an amazing quilter. However Jackie explained how she gradually developed her ideas about quilts and her love of applique.017

She has entered several competitions and modestly admitted that she had won many prizes. One of the most recent was for her Flower Alphabet quilt, below.



Jackie also admitted that she would far rather stitch than clean the windows{don't we all agree] and she was happy to show us the back as well as the front of her work.



You can see above the quantity of stitching in addition to all the applique.Mistakes can be surmounted, Jackie had called two butterflies, Red Wine and Coffee and I'm sure you can work out how they gained their names.  Jackie showed us a number of items that might not at first glance be thought of as quilting and left us with thoughts of what we can do with all our favourite but unused fabrics.

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