Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Urgent changes to Feb Meeting

Hi everyone, hope you had an excellent Christmas and my greetings to you in the New Year. As you may know, Barbara will be unable to lead the Feb meeting so Ann, Pauline and I have worked together. We are planning to stitch into metal so can you bring along......

Craft knife and cutting board or scissors to cut metal. Mouse mat on which to emboss. Gold ,silver or fancy threads.Dead Biro or embellishing pens.

We will provide the felt and metal and in the cupboard there are some threads. We will also raid our stockrooms and provide as many materials as we can but the list above is just a guide. IF you have any easily accessible then it will save us all sharing.

We will have samples to handle, instructions and a sampler board. Do hunt around for metals, especially tomato paste tubes and the like. It could get addictive.

Please pass the word around. Look forward to seeing you. Val

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh! I have a pile of tomato puree tubes, if only you were a little closer :-)

    I look forward to seeing what you all produce.