Friday, February 18, 2011

February meeting


Julian Jefferson entertained us in February with is”Breaking New Grounds”  talk. Julian is a man of many talents, I believe he is a hand quilter but last night excited us with his new approach to 011lace making.  Forget lace hankies and think big!!!018



Jewellery, handbags and pictures, he had them all.What made it so interesting was the range of “threads” that he chose to use. Have a look in detail at

February 2011 Newsletter

Ø Please check out page 22 of Contact and vote tonight using the envelopes provided. Also have a look at another article about us on page 18.

Ø Exhibition at Salford Museum until June 12th....10+r20.The train stops at Salford Crescent and then just a five minute walk. Worth it.

Ø Quaker Tapestry at Blackburn Cathedral until the end of this month. Follow the signs to city centre and then the department stores car park, less than five minutes walk.

Ø We now have 29 bonnets for Australia, well done. I am planning another article for either Workbox or Contact.

Ø The Market Hanging can now be seen in the BOLTON LIVES section of the museum.

Ø The Pulpit Fall is getting towards completion.

Ø I am amazed that such a varied programme can be created from so little money. It is only due to support for our raffle and sales table. Do bring things to sell but if they are large or are magazines, we cannot store so please take home if not sold.

Ø Reminder to look at our Library. Only a small part is on show at any meeting but do hunt in the boxes if there is a specific book that you want.

Ø Have you ever borrowed any of our other items, check out the list in the Library.

Ø Tickets for the NW Reg Day available, £26 with a hot lunch and £21 without. Cheques to Pam by 1st March. I believe it will be an excellent day. Check who is going and share cars. Its less than an hour away. Dont forget the competitions. Send details by 15th March or just take on the day.

Ø I went to a NW committee meeting last week. I have a quote from Terry Murphy “Members ,not the collection are the heart of the Guild”

Ø As you will know the move to 1, Kings Road , Walton on Thames, KT12 2RA [01932 260738} has been successful

Ø We were given a breakdown of where our £21.00 is spent. At the moment 1/3 of it is to maintain the collection, so it has been decided to de accession a large part of it, placing it into more accessible folios and reducing the costs.

Ø It is still intended to return the cash loans made at the end of the century.

Ø Janet Jardine a long standing and very hardworking officer at HQ has been promoted to a well deserved Executive position

Ø Our installation is growing. We still want felt birds and flowers and wrapped straws.

Ø I am relinquishing my NW Regional IT post in Oct so it would seem obvious to do the same at Bolton. Please come and chat if you think this very little job is within you scope. It can be as hard or easy as you wish.

Ø If the Blog is a problem then I will continue with it as long as you promise to look at it. I try to keep both the Bolton website and blog updated .



Ø The next 2 day schools are based on STITCH no 59, June 2009 .They will be self help sessions where we can share skills. The cost including lunch is £5.00 per session. Look in the magazine for ideas and what to bring, but as a start

· Your own copy of STITCH

· Cash to buy double sided pelmet Vilene

· Backing fabric[maybe quite rich}

· Lots of little bits to embellish onto fabric

· Velvets, sheers , beads, sequins, ribbons, lace and wire

· Threads to join the Vilene and also fancy threads.

· Ruler, pen, pencil, scissors card and general sewing equipment.

Use this as an opportunity to use up all those tiny bits that you have saved for that “special piece”

There is no specific size and you may work with a machine, or hand stitch or both.

It is not necessary to bring a suitcase full of bits!!!

Finally Ann announced that Joan Unsworth was very poorly, sadly she died that evening. Funeral Wed 23/02/11

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