Saturday, August 13, 2011

Play Day Saturday, 13th August

We organised a play day today. The idea came from the fact that we all buy amazing products but by the time we come to use them, we have forgotten what to do!  So the focus of this day was to experiment with the various interlinings , painting then ironing  ,heating with a gun and then using a soldering iron. Eight of us met and shared the hire costs of the room and our various expertises.  I was really frustrated that I came with an idea ,using Lutrador but when I arrived the fabric had magically disappeared. My best experiments were with a new fabric called Crash. It is quite a delicate fabric which absorbs the paint well and can then be heated and further marks made with a soldering iron. I attempted to make battery  tea light decorations and was quite satisfied with the effect.010Several members had never used Angelia so had a play with this. Eileen followed instructions from a Stitch magazine and made a lovely bowl.012

Brenda made a 3 D flower using Vilene,021

and Julie is making a remarkable box.022The range of work produced was again quite amazing and we all learned something new.020

We all agreed that it was a good day and we are planning another. Next time we will bring along embossing powders and heat guns and also transfer foils. You are all welcome.

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