Monday, October 31, 2011

Out and about

The Isle of man Branch is in my area so I was very pleased when they invited me over last weekend. Liz the Chair met me at the airport and took me to her home.She and her husband ,wined and dined me and I was so relaxed I hardly wanted to go to a meeting.004

I had been asked to talk about my life with the Guild and my NW involvement. I have never before given a talk and was quite worried. I filled my suitcase with 15 of my pictures which again I dont really show to people but they were admired and gave me a focus for my talk. I believe that it went well and I now realise that I missed a few things that I wanted to say. I then invited questions and did my best to explain what I understood about the recent problems. I had taken lots of photos on a CD and memory stick but there was little time to show them…another time!!!


On Saturday I lead a workshop making felt jewellery. Again it was a good experience for me. The members were warm and welcoming and had lots of laughter and banter. It reminded me of my Bolton branch and I felt quite at home. members worked hard and several completed a necklace. Others saw new applications for the technique and were making decorations for Christmas .015016

I sent some time looking through a book created to show and explain about the Bonnets for Convict women. Really interesting and I wish that we had done something similar before ours were sent off.

Thanks Isle of Man for your welcome and hospitality.

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