Monday, March 16, 2015

March Workshop

Linda Rudkin travelled up from Leicestershire to lead our workshop on Saturday.Three of us had met her previously at a Flower Pounding workshop at Parbold. This was so different. First we had a chat about the work to be attempted and then Linda gave three demonstrations.009 She suggested that we each begin by making a piece of silk paper.011My simple attempt was quite pleasing. Once we had mastered the technique we moved on to a £D piece a pebble or shell

Below is the starting point, possibly the hardest bit as there is quite a balancing trick…..012but with superb notes provided life was a breeze!!!! Well actually the hair dryers were causing some problems as they blew on a neighbours table.

After this we moved on to a vessel. We sorted our shape, covered in cling film and began. Linda had shown us how to include fragments of flower petals and the results were lovely.015016We worked very indusrtriously , helped by Linda husband who provided the jars of fluids and manned the shop. Our vessels need to dry overnight and then have one more treatment but I am sure they will all be ready for Tuesday night.

018019020Thank you Linda, a lovely day, much enjoyed. I am ready to make two more vessels for Easter gifts. Beats a chocolate egg any day.

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