Sunday, October 30, 2016


September 20 AGM.  

                   Enrolment, Molly’s Cup-           

                 “ Seeds, Pods and Fruit”.

                   Show and Tell, plus practical.                             

October 18 

 Katie Duxbury

                  ”My Costume Making Story”.

November 15

 Wyn Ingham – “Caselguidi”( Italian Raised embroidery).

December 6

Member’s Christmas Evening

With activity and refreshments.

                 January 17

                   Practical Evening

February 21

Mary Taylor – “Landscapes in Stitch”.

March 21

Nikki Parmenter – “Experimental Textiles”. April 25 (this is the 4th Tuesday of the month due to Easter).

                   Dionne Swift – “Being a     

                   Textile  Artist”.

                   May 16

                   Liz Cooksey – “Techniques 

 And Influences”.

June 20

 Valerie Wartelle (felt maker) –“Branching Out”.

                   July 18  EGM and Summer

meal at Ridgemont.

Saturday Workshops (Please book in advance).

Nov 12 – Emily Notman, “Mixed Media Wall Hanging”.

 March 25 –Marian Jazmik – “Stitched Paper Collage”.

Mat 27 – Sandra Kendall, “Encrustations and Lichens”.                                    

Play Days

October 8th, February 25th, April 29th and June24th.

                  Jacob’s Feast

                   January 28th

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