Thursday, March 23, 2017

March meeting by Brenda

 At our meeting during Show and Tell Eileen Pepper brought a beautiful lace tablecloth which was embroidered by her mother many moons ago which is going to be used as an alter cloth in a local church. Eileen also tole us about an appeal to knit very small dresses ,caps and blankets to be used to dress babies who doe at birth, in order to present them to their parents in normal clothing. A ggod cause which I hope we will support.

Marion Jazmik also brought some of her recent pieces of work including 2 vessels based on tree bark and some beautiful collages to inspire us for the workshop she is doing with us this Saturday –can’t wait! Sorry couldn’t get near enough to take photos and then I forgot.

Also we brought some of our rust printing from our playday in February, for others to see. Hopefully we will do something creative with them. Pam Wright actually made a nice embellishment for her black felt hat.
Nikki Parmenter came to give us a talk about her “Experimental Textiles”. We were all quite amazed by the sheer dazzling quality she gave each piece by adding lots of “bling”, her favourite saying is “more is more”. Her work is mainly on a grand scale, ranging from large quilted hangings to 3D pieces. Her ideas are often taken from legends from different cultures mixed up with references to fine art images of faces and figures. She paints the figures/faces/animals onto fabric then sets about embellishing them with a myriad of beads and glitzy trimmings. Essential to her work are her sewing machine, car spray paint, funky foam, glue gun, lace and any trimmings she can find.

Can you spot the frog?

This stag will have antlers before completion

Two pages of her notebook.



Some drawings from her sketchbook.

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  1. what a great meeting you had goo to see what is going on and wow the speaker shared some wonderful work, shame the drawings from her sketchbook do not show up on your blog