Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May workshop

Sandra Kendal was out tutor last Saturday. I went along to see if I could assist and caught up on all the gossip. Sandra brought along loads of samples, photos and notes for all members. She demonstrated a few ideas and then the members got going, Most had chosen to work on the hand dyed fabric that Sandra had brought along. They stitches were not complicated so there was quite a lot of relaxed chatter , but at the same time, their work grew quite quickly. Another demo and time for lunch.

It was possibly the hottest day of the year. The sun was beating down through the velux windows so there was a lot of furniture removals as we moved tables to avoid the sunshine. We were actually looking forward to the predicted rain.

The thunder and lightening arrived but was not very dramatic and neither did it ease the heat.
Members carried on, using another technique of stitching onto muslin. About 3.00pm we accepted defeat and began to pack away. Of course we had the usual show of our work and Sandra would love to see the finished pieces.

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