Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer meal

I was invited but unable to attend this years meal, the first that I have missed since I introduced it many years ago. I am tolsd by three different members, that it was another lovely occassion.Brenda has sent me some photos

Shae also added a paragraph about the EGM and the next day sent me photos about the Butterfly bag.
Yes it was a very enjoyable evening as usual and the weather was kind to us again so that we could relax in the little courtyard outside first.
There has been some minor changes to the committee with Janet Mitchell moving from sales table to raffle and Linda Thornton
 taking over the library, also Karen Vaughan will run the sales table with the help of Debbie, otherwise all remains the same.
We have arranged to have the Day of Stitch in the arcade at Middlebrook leading up to the cinema for our work area and I have been busy making 
folk inspired stitched butterflies to attach to a fabric collage of a tree when I get to sort it. I have made a bag to hopefully inspire the branch members 
to come along and take part and have also made up some kits so that they can make the butterflies before hand and come along to attach them to the tree!
Here's hoping!

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  1. good to see three or four faces I recognised from my days back in the 90`s when I was a member