Tuesday, October 24, 2017

October meeting

It was my first trip back to Bolton Branch for a year as I found the  time needed and responsibilities of NWR Chair and membership of Bolton to be difficult. However I was warmly welcomed back. Val Hughes was setting up for her talk  This was her third visit and the second time that she has done this talk. The Ann Boleyn Collection. I remember the dresses well and the passion that Val fels for her subject.She had brought along 8 gowns inspired by the life of Ann Boleyn. They were all black and red, slashed, ripped and twisted. Val explained how she came to use these techniques to represent the tortuous and bloody life of Ann. I will say no more as it would spoil a new listener to hear more....
But I did take some photos and am sure you will recognise some from Harrogate shows.

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