Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ordsall Hall

A busy weekend, Barbara joined me on a trip to Ordsall Hall. There we met with Sue from Manchester and Patricia from Pendle. We set up a table with a few pessonal pieces{the travelling books were well used]our programme and the address labels that we had made, Sue had previously taken a design of a dragon fron the Radcliffe bed so we used this a  base for the public to stitch, She had also worked some bee designs which she made into brooches, We had all taken along work that we were currently doing so there was a lot on show. I hoped to push on with my blackbird but we hardly had a free moment. There was a lovely family with two small boys we wanted to see and know about EVERYTHING.

They were charming and enthusiastic. Nikki from yesterday came alon with her mother and several Guild friend as well. All of the programmes for both Manchester and Bolton vanished so we do hope that we have encouraged some more members of the public to pick up a needle and maybe even join us. Just three photos, the top one is a guest showing off her newly made bee brooch, the middle is two persons working on their brooches and the bottom is really the first, as we set up our table. Liz from the Hall kept popping in and at the end told us that over 200 members of the public had visirted that day.Its alovely venue so do call soon.

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