Sunday, March 18, 2018

March workshop.

Sue Tyldesley came back for a second workshop yesterday. Sadly due to illness we were down on numbres but fortunate for those of us there as it gave us a better opportunity to experiment and take Encaustiv Art a stage further, Sue had planned that we could make a book cover or bag with one technique, create a carvas picture with a second or make a vase cover as a third. I went along with the second option in mind but some members were keen to try them all.
Sue is a very patient instructor who began by demonsatating each of the techniques. She also brought along her demo pieces, lots of fabrics and papers and of course her waxes and all the associated equipment. Last time I had purchased an iron and the waxes so was keen to use my own.

Looking at her samples, it was difficult to choose what to do.

Demos over we needed to start. I chose the picture so we experimented firstly on card and transferred the image to fabric before a second attempt staright on to the carvas. The flower image is quite random and needs to be enhanced by stitching. I have jsut started...

A flst tyre and a very important rugby match meant that I left earlier than usual. I have Ann to thank for taking some show and tell photos at the end.

You can see just how much work we managed. Thank you again, Sue. I hope your journey home was not hampered too much by the snow.

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