Monday, June 18, 2018

Spare places at Pendle

There is a workshop at Pendle this Saturday. It follows a fascinating talk by Carole. Let me know if you are interested.
 These are my photos, We are making jewellery but you can see a similar technique in the boxes

Tutor Carol Coleman 01904 766538

REQUIREMENTS – Some experience of free-machine embroidery needed

Sewing machine, suitable for free-machine embroidery with embroidery or darning foot.
*Machine needles suitable for embroidery and metallic threads (topstitch, metallic, embroidery sizes 14 or 16)

Spare bobbins

Embroidery hoops – (5 – 7inch diameter), big enough to take your piece as well as fringing on the edges.

*Fabrics and materials – Metallic, glossy, fur, experiments from other workshops.  Look for fabrics that resist fraying.  Painted Vilene, Tyvek, felt, metal foil and any other interesting material to incorporate – only small pieces are required.
Threads – for machine embroidery: a good choice of colours to go with your colour scheme.
*Cold-water soluble film - Beginners should avoid the thinner varieties.
*Foam – Plastazote, Softsculpt or Funky Foam – only small pieces are needed.
Beads – all sorts to complement your fabric and thread, shells, gems, or any interesting morsel for further embellishment

Beading needles and thread

Brooch fasteners. (optional)

Usual sewing kit

Scrap fabric to practice on

Paper or thin card for templates and paper scissors

Pencil, ruler, notebook

* Tutor will have some supplies available to buy


Please ensure that your sewing machine will convert to free machining and is in good working condition.  Don’t forget your instruction manual!

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