Sunday, January 20, 2019

Jacobs join

Yesterday was our annual Jacobs join. Lunch with an activity , some stitching and plenty of time to sit and chat. If you have not yet tried it, then put the date in your diary for next year!!!! We meet at BANK TOP not at Horwich. Bring along a plate of food to share and usual sewing eqipment. You may go home with a prize and another plate of food.
 This time Brenda introduced a guess the famous person with only YESor NO answers. certainly quite taxing as we had to remember whether each persona was dead/alive , male or female etc. As older people Brenda relented and read out the list of possible names, several times. Shelacgh [AKA Sherlock Holmes}was amazing and annihalated the rest of us.guessing all but about three people.
The lunch spread was again imaginivite and plenty. I know that members were packing up food parcels to take away at the end.
I stayed to hear about the afternoon stitching activity which I think was a bit like "Consequences" where you stitch a bit and then pass it on. What" It" was is a mystery to me. Brenda would not say except that they could be used at an exhibition in October. I was leaving early as I had to drive to Mums so left at this point.Cant wait to hear and see about these mysteries.

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