Saturday, April 27, 2019

April Meeting

First I must apologise for this delay. I am afraid that I totally forgot....age related? So Jaki Bogg came to talk to us over a week ago. An interesting title, "Stitch Rich". Judith and I were the first to arrive and we had to prise Judith away from Lily Frudd the donkey. A very unusual display but well explained during Jakis talk.Jaki explained how she found inspiratiion for her pieces.Many of them use recycled mataerials and are 3D.The Mender was almost life size though I found her to be quite malevolent to look at.What do you think, she is here below?

Inspiration from the past

 A variety of materials used
 A fishy quilt
 Lots of texture and finally, Judiths beloved donkey. Good job it would not fit in my car!!!!

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