Sunday, January 26, 2020

Jacobs Join January

 I had been madly busy all week and out for lunch or dinner every day so that thought of another lunch out did not seem to attractive. However I try to attend as many of Bolton's events that I can so on Friday night I boiled a dozen eggs ready to prepare an egg mayo as my contribution to our lunch. Roadworks on Blackburn road made my ten minute journey into a half hour nightmare so all the tables were set up when I arrived. I also noticed the stitching that we began last year at this event. Very colourful.

Brenda and her team had done a great job. We had a relaxing coffee and then played a "controversial" game of true or false. In turn we read a card to the person next to us, choosing one of two accounts. The other person had to guess whether it was true or false. General knowledge[HA HA}and lots of guessing, Judith won the game.

We were all feeling hungry so arranged a wide range of contributions on the table. It was an excellent feast and we still had to go home with goodie bags.
 Another coffee and then Brenda introduced our afternoon stitching. She had made kits for about 30 persons, felt circles or lozenges that we needed to cover in stitches. They would then be threaded onto cord to make a very colourful hanging. I manged one and a half during the afternoon and came home with another which I completed that night. I know that Pauline has also completed three so that's 1/2 dozen ready to assemble.

Brenda also showed us the bowl of flowers that we had all been stitching. She had roughly joined our pieces but must be quite annoyed that there are still gaps. Some members have taken a piece but yet to return it even though its been about a year. A personal plea from me to search , finish or own up if you have a square. Id love to see our finished piece as soon as possible.

There were only 10 of us at the lunch which is in itself a little disappointing but on the other hand it really was great fun. We were all chattering together throughout the event and able to speak to every person in turn, However I do implore you to put these dates into your diary and whenever possible support our Branch. As a former committee member I know how difficult it is to arrange all the events and variety of activities and know it is frustrating when they are under supported. Use it or lose it!!!!