Thursday, March 12, 2020

Lots of new information

I have struggled and found it impossible to publish the poster designed by Brenda but have copied the very informative e mail distributed by Julie

Dear all

I apologise for the length of this email, however we have lots of exiting events over the next few months and want everyone to have all this information.

MARCH MEETING 17th March 2020

Our March meeting will be held next week (Tuesday, 17th March), when we host speaker, Jessica Aldred (My Work and a Very Famous Wedding Dress).

Please note: If you have taken a piece of Brenda's collaborative flower picture and not yet returned, can you please bring to the meeting (finished or unfinished) as Brenda would now like to assemble this work. 


Please see poster attached

As was announced at our last meeting, we have at long last (and after much searching!) a venue for our Exhibition,  which is Horwich Heritage Centre, next door to the Resource Centre where we have our meetings.

The exhibition will run from Saturday 4th - Wednesday 8th April 2020 (except Sunday).

Unfortunately this doesn't give us as much time as we would like to gather items from our members and there is only one meeting before the event, which is 17th March (next week). 

Therefore, we request that any items you would like to be part of the exhibition be brought to this meeting, clearly labelled with your name and in a carrier bag. Please bring only items from the past 3 or 4 years and not anything which was in the pearl anniversary exhibition.

There will be screens for hanging items but we'll also have some tables for smaller free standing  pieces or framed items on the cardboard stands, so it will be possible to show a variety of things.

Some suggestions from Brenda, of work we would like to collect at our next meeting (17th March) for the exhibition.

  • Birds
  • Nikki Parmenter workshop creatures
  • Stitched paper collage (Marian Jazmik workshop).
  • Wire collages ( Liz Cooksey)
  • Landscapes ( Emily Norman)
  • Silk paper lampshades
  • Any Individual projects
  • Competition entries
  • Anything that has been produced since the Pearl anniversary.

Hoping we get a good response - we would like to include at least one piece from everybody!



The list for the March workshop on Saturday, 21st March, 2020  at Bank Top, will be available, at the meeting. Cost is £30. Please bring any money owing for this workshop to the next meeting on 17th March. 

There are a few places still available for this workshop, so if you wish to attend please bring £30 to the above meeting and add your name to the list.

Please see attached requirement list 

We will be making tea light/vase covers (depending how fast you work will determine which) but could simply be 3D pieces of stitched art (see below).  

Advance notice forJanet Browne Workshop  23rd May 2020:

 Janet Browne Workshop

 23rd May 2020

 at Bank Top

 9.30am - 4pm

 Cost £35

The list for this workshop will be available at the next meeting on 17th March. Full payment preferable, although a £10 deposit acceptable, the balance to be paid by 19th May (last meeting before the event).

Please see Janet's website   for examples of her work, although bear in mind her work tends to be quite large and we will be making smaller simpler pieces. 

Please see attachment showing designs from her previous workshops. 

Requirements  to follow, although you will need a sewing machine capable of free machine embroidery. 

I will send the March 2020 newsletter prior to the meeting.

Kind regards



  1. Hello,
    My name is Tanya and I specialise in medeival embroidery.
    my work is here
    I teach for several museums and galleries, including the Ashmoelan in Oxford. Since all classes and events are currently cancelled or postponed, I've created a couple of online classes to get us all through the long boring lockdown.
    One is laid and couched work (bayeux style stitching) in wools, which is suitable for beginners to intermediate, and the other is a more advanced class in opus anglicanum. I'm offering an option to have a kit sent out, or a cheaper option which will be access to the digital media only (useful for stashbusting).
    I wondered if this might be something your members would be interested in, and would be very grateful if you would let them know about it.
    The shop link is here
    and there's also an opusanglicanum facebook group, which many participants are involved with
    thank you, Tanya