Thursday, October 29, 2020




Molly's Cup

You may be wondering what is happening about this year's competition, “Collage and Couching” ? We have decided to do it virtually by sending a photo by Whatsapp or email to Julie (I.T.) and she will then collate them post them onto our Facebook page and for those who don't do Fb it will also be on the Bolton blog :

They will have numbers not names so that voting will be fair. You will have one vote to decide your favourite piece. Please have your photos with Julie by Friday 13th November in order to be entered.

Voting should then take place. You can then register your vote by emailing Sheelagh who is not entering the competition and will be impartial. Please have your votes with Sheelagh , by Wednesday December 11th.

The result will be announced at our Zoom December meeting on 15th December where Carole who was last year's winner will do a virtual presentation!

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