Friday, March 19, 2010

March meeting

Elizabeth Smith had been recommended to us by a number of people so I eagerly anticipated her talk called “Fabric of Life”.  I was not disappointed.  The first thing was the range of items that Elizabeth was able to display. Panels, hangings, Christmas decorations, installations and a huge floor cushion.  Next was the variety of colour and texture. Look at the photos to get a taste of what we saw.  Elizabeth had a number of differing inspirations for her work,  frequently, like many of us ,  going back to the natural form but then applying a contemporary slant.   Much of her work had been done in cooperation with community groups. some of it is installed in public buildings.002 010 012 004 005

Elizabeth will be exhibiting at Touchstones in Rochdale from May1st this year. I would recommend a visit.

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