Thursday, March 18, 2010

Workshop 13/03/10

Ann Burrows  has visited our branch several times before, so we were looking forward to her return.  She lead us with a title “Haberdashery with machine and/or hand embroidery”.  Firstly we looked at some of her examples and then began the task of arranging our own “bits “into a pleasing arrangement.  There was quite a lot of exchange and swapping between members.  Ann and I were both applying old , paper packets   containing needles  but exchanging the colour helped with both of our designs.   There was lots of chat about what a particular fabric meant to a person.   When looking at our work, families and friends will not be forgotten. We were encouraged to add old photos, buttons, zips and anything else that would have been found in a haberdashery.  This task took us until lunchtime. Again we were treated to delicious home made bread, soup and lemon tart . 020 Ann takes photos of our work.021 023024 017

We worked hard after lunch , stopping only for a quick cup of tea and then had the usual display of work. As always I am amazed by the way we all approach the same theme in differing ways.  Ann will be visiting us again in April and we hope that all members will bring their finished work to show her.

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