Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Assembling the Market piece.

A busy few days, NW Regional Day, a Branch meeting and then 4 of us met to work on the market piece and all within 5 days. Is this a record? 040

Rough placement before we began the stitching. Anns husband

is on hand to record our enthusiasm.037

Lesley checks on one piece.


The piece grows. Ann Lesley and Pam adjust the placements.048

After warm home made scones we were re energised and managed to attach all the items. We still await 2 or 3 pieces but know where they will fit. Ann volunteered to join together the separate panels , Over half of our members have contributed to it and I am sure that Lesley will be delighted with our completed piece. I will put together an article and hope that Workbox will again publish it. Next time I report on this could /should be to show it in its finished state.


  1. You did well to get it done so quickly!
    But this is not why I'm commenting really :) I'm trying to get touch with Hilary Hollingworth which got me here through Google. Our Course secretary asked me if I knew her we are North Wales EG and interested in a course in 2011. Perhaps she could email Susanne Owen please?

  2. Sorry it refused Susanne's email