Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jacobs feast, Jan 2012

Another very cold morning,I had to defrost my car before I could drive to Bank Top. We assembled at 11.00 and had a hot drink as we sorted out the tables and displayed the cold food.

We then played Dominoes in groups of four and then the winner moved clockwise whilst the loser went to the left. So some confusion here for us!!!


Ann appears to be checking whether there is any cheating taking place. After ten rounds , Margaret B. was declared the winner and accepted her prize.


Warm food was presented and we sat down to a delightful meal .


It is one of the only chances that we have to actually sit and talk. After lunch Ann showed us the two bags made and donated by Lesley. Our task was to make leaves, flowers and cord for stalks and tendrils.014

The bags are not yet completed but are worth a quick look.


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