Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our installation

Brenda, Barbara and I met at Ann's today, to work on the installation. I was quite impressed with the amount of work that we actually managed.  We worked for over three hours and drank coffee without a break from stitching. It was lovely to study carefully ,the individual pieces completed by our members. 002003008

About three quarters of the pieces can be seen here. The rods are only a  temporary measure.  We meet again in a few weeks and anticipate completing the work. The final task will be to find a suitable home so get thinking and hand in any suggestions…..


I am also including photos of the two completed bags. As you will remember, we voted at the last meeting to decide which bag we would donate to the NW committee. That is full pink “goodies”. We still need to decide what to do with the other bag,a raffle, a prize…who knows.  It too will be full of “goodies” so thinking caps on again.009

(The bag above will be donated to the NW committee)010

and this one is”ours”. Thanks again to Lesley for constructing the bags for us.

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