Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Day school

Yesterday, we invited Tracey from the Rachel Kay Shuttleworth Trust at Gawthorpe Hall to visit.She brought along a wide range of pieces of lace from the Collection. We were able in some cases to handle these items but in all , to study very closely . So closely in fact that Tracey had brought along a microscope that was attached to her computer. We were also able to capture these items as photographs[for our own, not public use}001

We studied , photographed, sketched and drooled over the pieces until lunch. Judith and Ann did us proud and we felt refreshed and ready for an afternoon lead by Gail McCardle. She reminded us how to take our designs rather further. She demonstrated , amongst other things,types of sketching and mono printing . We then had a play and pushed the barriers of our designs!!!Well at least I tried.020


Our next challenge is to work with our designs to make a piece no bigger than 10 inches in any direction. This will be taken to Gawthorpe Hall for an exhibition and some of these pieces will then be chosen to be included in the Collection.

Please remember to bring your work ,at the latest to the October meeting.

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