Friday, June 8, 2012

Out and about,Glossop

On Wednesday ,Barbara and I went to visit my Glossop Branch. It does seem a long way….3 hours there and back. However they are a very friendly group and I do feel that I am getting to know a number of members. We were also fortunate the the speaker was Barbara Jepson. She gave an account of her stitching life, how she progressed and what she does now.

003Barbara began by working with felt. {i was at a felt making class last night} but has developed her craft. She now produces a batik background ,  applique  and hand stitched. So I wonder… if my felt develops , might I one day produce work like this?


  1. How lucky to have Barbara as your speaker, I am her biggest fan owning some 7 of her flower pictures.
    Lynn Holland

    If anyone wants to see pictures of the Rochdale guilds exhibition link across to my blog on Friday 8th June

  2. Love Barbara's work. She is so talented.