Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Out and about ,Padiham

Monday was the last date in the current programme at Padiham Branch. There was a wide range of entries for our competition, based on inspiration from one of the talks during the year.005Kathryn had kindly donated a trophy, in memory of her mother. Mona was able to present this trophy and a small gift to Nan.017 - CopyNan will keep this trophy for one year. Joan explained the registration documents needed by HQ and we were entertained with a quiz whilst we awaited strawberries and cream. The sales table,Library and raffle operated as usual. Finally we were asked to “show and tell”, explaining how and why we embroidered a piece. 020Joan found time to explain how she created her work , as well as handing out our summer letter. Once home I read this and looked at next years programme. It certainly looks interesting and I look forward to another delightful year. Advance notice….bring your purses to the AGM as there will be a superb stall of fabric/threads etc.

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