Friday, October 19, 2012

October meeting

Lizzie Wall came to speak to us on Tuesday. She brought along a huge quantity of quilts that she had made. I have never seen the technique that she used before and I guess that she did not explain it as we are all intrigued and looking forward to her workshop in November.012016

The quilts are incredibly colourful and the animals seem to have adopted a personality. I wonder what we will be able to produce?



Please pick up your copy of Contact Magazine before you go and if you can deliver to anyone who isn’t here it would be helpful.

The members competition for the 2014 Regional Day will be “Black Magic” (2013 is entitled King Cotton)

The 2013 AGM will be held from 5th – 7th April at Cheltenham.

There are 2 vacancies on the Regional Committee. Marilyn has a nomination form if you are interested.

The 2013 Regional Day will be on 27th April and the 2013 NW Region AGM on 19th October.

The October NW Regional Bulletin from Monica Selway is on the table if you wish to read it.

Volunteers are required to demonstrate at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate and also to man the stand at the ICHF Shows next year. (Manchester – February and Aintree, Liverpool – April) If you can help, please let Monica know.


The Postcards will be displayed at:- Plympton Library (no date yet): Artrix, Bromsgrove 8th October – 4th November.

Ten Plus Textiles are exhibiting until 20th October at the Garry Olsen Gallery, 27 Stoney Lane, Wilmslow SK9 6LG, Mon – Sat at 10am -5pm, Sun at 11am – 5pm. (01625 533701 or or for further details)

The Knitting & Stitching Show will be in Harrogate from 22nd – 25th November this year.

Bead Fair at Culcheth Community College, Warrington on Saturday 3rd November (Email Sharon Lindley at for discounted tickets)


We need ideas for things to buy or pay for with the returned 40% of our loan to H.Q. – eg. An expensive speaker, a Friday evening talk followed by a workshop on the Saturday – this would need firm commitment from members and possibly payment in advance – or any other ideas you may have.

The Christmas competition this year is “An Angel” – any technique.

Next year’s competition for Molly’s Cup is “Metal Thread”.


If you have any items for the Sales Table please see Jackie Martin.

Raffle prizes are always welcome. Please see Judith if you have anything.

If there are any library books you think would be suitable for us, please tell Brenda. ( An ISBN would be helpful)


Don’t forget our blog address for Bolton EG is .

Also just a reminder that the Guild web address is

Finally, Brenda has sent a list of new Library books to add to your list. The earlier list can be seen on this Blog

Bolton Branch Library Books

New books 2012




Stash Happy Felt

Amanda Carestia

Stitch Rhythms and Patterns

Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn

Layered Textiles

Kim Thittachai

Journeys in Stitch

Gillian Travis

Page after Page

Francis Pickering

Textile Adventures

Isobel Hall

From Print to Stitch

Janet Edmonds

Stitch, Cloth, Shimmer & Shine

Sarah Lawrence



Dissolvable Delights

Maggie Grey

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