Thursday, December 6, 2012

December meeting

Jackie M lead our meeting on Tuesday, demonstrating how to make a simple but effective Christmas tree decoration. Mine now adorns my tree. Thank you Jackie.

We had a lovely exhibition of Angels, our Christmas competition.001002003When the votes were counted, Clare was declared the winner. She had said earlier to me that she  had not entered a competition before , but was pleased that she felt compelled to do something for this.Well Clare you now have quite a standard to maintain!!!

012It really was Clare's night. We realised that it was actually her birthday that day and that she had chosen to spend it with us, so Ann made her a singing cake.006We shared some festive food and drink and of course ,the cake. Barbara R then explained about our next project. The Lowry shopping outlet has an annual display of Xmas trees ,decorated by organisations and later auctioned off for the Hospice. The idea was met with great support. We could use ideas given to us by Jackie but in Feb more details and possibly templates and fabric kits will be distributed.The tie competition was mentioned again and we are looking forward to some interesting. ideas. I suggested that you could look up recycling ties on the net .There are many pages .

So the end of another year for us, have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to the New Year. Apols for missing the Jan meeting.

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