Saturday, December 8, 2012

Play Day

I have just returned from a play day, an opportunity for us to meet and share ideas. I had suggested that we use foils and embossing powders so tried to provide a list of items.. Ten of us arrived and unpacked our equipment. We began with a show and tell, explaining what we had brought with us and what we hoped to try.001002003004005Some of us were happy to demonstrate to the rest of the group We were so busy that I forgot to take photos for ages. These are five shots which show our interaction. It was a really fun day.Listening would have confused an outsider as we kept oohing and aaahing  as we saw the results of a new skill. Almost every attempt was passed around and admired.

There was not much to actually see for all our work but I guarantee that we hardly stopped. One comment was a disappointed that other members had not come along and experienced our play day. There will be another chance. We plan to try the Romeo technique and also use of Lutrador etc ,some time in February. Now I need to unpack my bags and try to put the materials away.always the downside to a play day!!!

Enjoy Christmas and the New Year and I will see you at the Jacobs Feast.

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