Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Museum store study trip

This afternoon a group of us  met for lunch and then found our way to the Museum stores, itself an interesting journey,,,,,don't follow Jennie!!!! Matthew greeted us and gave us a brief tour. He had then assembled a dozen pieces for us to study.draw and photograph. I have included e photos of these items, but many of us took greater inspiration from the furniture and piles of baskets also stored there. I have almost 50 pictures if anyone wants other inspiration.004

There were five hats………….016017019020022

A pair of gloves023

005006012two shawls

A Waistcoat009Two pairs of shoes007 and a fragment

025Finally a panel from our Anna White composition, this one worked by Carole. I hope it gives you some ideas for our exhibition.Further details will be announced by Clare.

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