Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jacobs feast

My final entry for the night….we  had our annual Jacobs feast/join today. Last year was cancelled if you remember due to the snow. I began to worry on Thursday when my car was covered with that awful white stuff but luckily we only had to contend with rain.

The table soon filled with a wide variety of goodies but we were not allowed to eat straight away. First we had a domino competition, where winners and looser kept swapping places.Finally we were left with one table , made up of the winner from each other table. A very tense match with Margaret winning the booby prize box of maltesers and surprise surprise, I came out the champion and was presented with a lovely notebook.

After this we ate lunch. Lesley then lead the afternoon activity, providing canvas and threads, photos and designs, ready to complete a pansy. These will be collected and assembled by Lesley. I was a little disappointed by the numbers at this event as we all had a really good time. Most of all it is a chance to actually sit and chat to members. Please put the date in your diary for next year.DSCF6441DSCF6442DSCF6443DSCF6444

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