Saturday, January 25, 2014

January meeting 2014

I cant believe it. Hours and hours and I am now back on line.How I have missed it. Perseverance does pay off.

Amy Senogles came to visit this month.She began by reminding us how generations before, socks were darned, shirts re made from father to son and how the technology for mess produced military uniforms lead to the development of current fashion.  Amy explained  how she used fabrics for a second purpose.She discussed visits to charity shops and how the market has changed. She had three ways to recycle, and then” show an older fabric in a new light” She brought along samples of her work and a finished jacket which after some persuasion, she modelled for us. Just one proviso…that I did not put that photo onto this blog. i really don't know why as we were all in great admiration and wished that we had the figure to wear it!!!

I now need to find and attach the newsletter and photos of the evening……amy jan 14 evening (3)

amy jan 14 evening (8)amy jan 14 evening (9)Wow, one task done.


NEWSLETTER – January 2014


The Rose Bowl competition titles are “Black Magic” for 2014 and “Something Old, Something New” for 2015.

The members’ challenge for 2014 is “Tree Rhythms”. Closing date for entries - 14th Feb 2014. Pick up an entry form today.


· Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts is being held at Event City, Manchester on 6-8 February. Tickets are £9.00 on the door or £7.00 if ordered before 3rd February. Seniors £6.00 and £8.00 if ordered as before. (

  • Lucinda Attwood is running embroidery classes at the Friends Meeting House in Silverwell Street, Bolton, on Mon. 10-12am, Tues 2-4pm, Weds 1-3pm. Call Lucinda (07977821119) or ask Brenda Cooper for further information.

· Still time to see- Bolton Progressive Threads have an exhibition of contemporary textiles in felt, thread and mixed media inspired by Bolton Museum’s rich and diverse archive collection- “History Uncovered”, 4th November- 26th January situated in the Work Town Gallery at the end of Bolton Lives Gallery.

· Still time to see- Grayson Perry at Manchester City Gallery, until February 2nd.

· Platform Gallery, Clitheroe are showing “Beauty is the First Test,” an exhibition exploring the relationship between craft and mathematics, January 25th until April 19th, where you will be able to see work by Michael Brennand Wood amongst others.


February’s meeting on February 19th has Maria Walker talking about her creative journey; “Rags to Riches”.


Don’t forget it our Jacob’s Join this Saturday at Banktop Chapel. Please fill in the slip attached to the newsletter stating what item of refreshment you would like to bring.

Lesley will be conducting the activity and would like you to bring some stranded cotton for your pansy style flowers and leaves. Also required is a general sewing kit with a crewel needle.

Ann is in need of handmade Get Well or open greeting cards for sending to members if you have any to spare. If you have any items for the Sales Table please see Jackie Martin. Jackie also needs clear envelopes (like the ones cards come packed in) if you have any please keep them and pass them on.

Raffle prizes are always welcome. Please see Barbara Ryall if you have anything.Sheelagh Madden now has some new DVDs in the library, including, “In Stitches” by Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn and also “Nations of the World in Stitch” about the Olympic postcards. If there are any library books you think would be suitable for us, please tell Sheelagh Madden. (An ISBN would be helpful)

If you hear of any interesting exhibitions or events that you think may be of interest, please let Brenda Brown know and details can go on the newsletter.

Don’t forget our blog address for Bolton EG is .

Also just a reminder that the Guild web address is


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