Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Out and About, Padiham

It was years ago when I was shown how to smock. I have a vague recollection of an apron but no evidence. I know it went out of fashion for ages but then it has been re interpreted in a more modern way , so I have been tempted. Bolton owns a smocking machine so maybe I should have a go. All this as an introduction to our speaker yesterday, Patricia Jones from Altrincham. DSCF4541DSCF4542She brought along a wide range of finished pieces and we had the added advantage of having them passed around so that we could study the work in detail.DSCF4543DSCF4539I looked around and felt that members were transported back to their childhood.However this final photo below, shows a more modern interpretation of the technique.DSCF4540I think I should give it a go!!! I did buy a couple of kits that can be used as cards so I have no excuse. Contact Patricia on  smocking43@yahoo.com


NW Region exhibition , workshops and lecture begins on May25th

Bolton Pearl exhibition opens on The national Stitching Day, Aug,2nd  continues for months, Art Gallery in the town centre.

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