Monday, November 24, 2014

November meeting

Stella Adams Schofield joined us this week.She is an artist, teacher and researcher who is fascinated by old textiles and lace. However she began her slide show with microphotographs of skin and explained how she used it as an inspiration. She transferred this idea into very delicate  lace pieces .

However she had another slant being very interested in technology, so we were able to see video shown on and through lacey drapes. The fabric that she created were influenced on British production so she wove with linen and wool.010

011012I loved the jumper she had produced, that followed her family history through a pathway of photographs.

Most of all I loved her integrity. She explained that museums value their shards of pottery but pay less attention to fragments of fabric.

She can be contacted at


Ann Heather was presented with a small gift in recognition for her winning the visitor vote at our Exhibition. There was a display of dolls from the last workshop.image (2)

Over 20 of us went to the K annd S at Harrogate on Saturday. A very good day, lots to see and buy and as always I spent most of my time chattering to friends that I know.

You will need a beading needle. green thread and beads for our Xmas meeting. Apologies that there is no newsletter this month,,,technical problems!!!


  1. it was good to say hi at the K & S show shame I was working or we could ave had a longer chat, also saw Joyce and Glenys, brings back memories of happy days

  2. Sure did. Glad to see you looking so well. Do call if you are ever over our way. No passport required.Happy Xmas..Val